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Pokemon Journies ~DEAD~

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Re: Pokemon Journies ~DEAD~

Post by Drago on Tue 11 Jan 2011, 7:38 pm

Drago woke up the sun was shining he felt good there was only one thing on his mind.He threw up his pokeballs "ok guys lets train ok charmander today were gonna try and try and learn flamethrower and heacross i want you to work on endurance " Drago trained for 2 hours heracross atracked charmander ,charmander tried to use flamethrowerc but each time it came out as an ember."ok i think thats enough lets take a food break" Drago sat down and put pokemon food beside him he smiled as he wathed his pokemon happily eat he then went to his bag to get some medcine after his pokemon were healed and fed he returned then he heard something he didnt know what it was at first but then he heard voices ,voices he knew he ran to towards them and he seen squirt and blake about to battle.
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Re: Pokemon Journies ~DEAD~

Post by legolosarrow on Wed 24 Aug 2011, 6:05 pm

This RP has been locked due to lack of activity,if you would like to re-open it, please go here,

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