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Crash and Land. Dead.

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Crash and Land. Dead.

Post by Coolchill214 on Wed 08 Sep 2010, 4:39 pm

A normal airplane,a normal ride.Until you pass over a barren wasteland where the atmosphere makes you and everybody around you suffocate.Nobawdy knows why.You attempt your best at keeping your eyes open,but you dont suceed.The last thing you see is the waitress who had been delivering snacks and drinks topple,while the above speakers,echoe a fuzzy voice..the rest of you're life is a blur as you plummet into deep darkness.... Welcome to the world of my Original RolePlay!The first words really explain what's going on to you're character right when you begin,and it shares the beginning of the story.This RolePlay will be very violent,but there will not be any curse words.There are several rules you must follow in order to stay in this Role Play:
1.No controlling one anothers character.
2.This is for serious RolePlayers only.Meaning,there's a Five Line/7 Sentence rule.If I see you breaking this rule,the punishment will be small,but that is no reason to break it.
3.I do not want posts like this,"OMG!LOOK IT'S A COOLCHILL214!"I want serious RolePlaying as I've said in the previous rule,and the punishment will be severe if you dont follow this rule.
4.Dont turn the story in another direction,basically meaning,"The airplane,it survived!We're going home,let's pretend NONE of this never happened.
5.Have fun.(This is the hardest rule of all,so you better follow it!)

Please fill this form out.You can only have one character.:
Your 'Name':
Your Eye Color:
Love Interest:
Choice of Clothing/Appearance:
Some specific and real talents:

Here are my sign-ups!
'Name':Rye WindBreaker
Your Eye Color:Dawn Purple
Love Interest:Nah,he'll never find the perfect girl.
Choice of Clothing/Appearance(I included Backround inside of this too):Rye wears Dark Clothing,though he seems emo,he hides his deep emotions inside himself.He has earned himself the 'Wierd Goth Kid Im Stuck Next To In Biology' at his school,but he didnt take it in as an insult,or so it appeared.His long,dark,hair dangles in front of his pale and gloomy face.He can be very intimidating at times.He wears Jeans that were basically torn apart after his Bike collided with a 'PunchBuggy Gold'.Irony was one of Rye's most hated things of life.
Talents:He has beaten every RPG game on the internet,even the childish ones.He loves to read random book choices,and can win a staring-contest in the 'blink of an eye'.(Get it?)He knows about many weapons,and admires the 'dagger' the most.

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Re: Crash and Land. Dead.

Post by X-Scissor007 on Sat 20 Aug 2011, 11:18 am

I decided to try Original RP for a change, and this one looked like the best.

Name: Ana Fireheart
Eye Color: firey Red/Brown
Age: 15 i guess...
Love interest: All men are pigs (her talking, not me)
Chioce of Cloths: Blue sweatshirt with stars on it, jeans, and Red sneakers
Talents: Can turn arm compleatly around (Double-jointed) knows pretty much EVERYTHING about Warrior cats, DBZ, Pokemon, and the Moon. Can speak spanish, more or less. Can build a simple robot in under 6 hours. And i think that's it.

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