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Brothers Forever

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Brothers Forever

Post by legolosarrow on Tue 30 Aug 2011, 11:20 am

Epilouge Part One(WThat?The epilouge?At the begining? Are you mad Lego!?!?)
"Brothers forever Rye." Logan grasped Ryes hand in a friendly way,causing him to smile."Aye." Rye grinned.With that,they jumped.Off the cliff.

Chapter One
"Move it!" Rye Soulwind was shoved into a wall by three large boys about his age.Rye felt warm blood drip from his nose as he scrambled to his feet."C'mon street rat,give it all up." Said one of the boys,pointing a rather sharp Scimitar at him."Take it..." Rye mummed weakly,as he rolled an apple to the feet of the one holding the Scimitar."All of it!" He shouted,kicking Rye,whom heard a cracking sound and felt an intense pain in his jaw."Here.." Rye spat blood onto the floor in front of him as he handed Scimitar a couple dabloons,sea currency."SOULWIND,ALL OF IT!"Scimitar shouted as he hurled Rye at a wall.Rye collied with the wall,greeting him with a thud, and yet another thud as he hit the ground,as well as a horrible pain shooting up his leg."Yo,get the hell out of here you thugs!" A boy appered,about Ryes age and muscular."back off Darklighter,this is Corps affaris." Scimitar pointed his blade at him.Mucles pused the sword to the side with two fingers,then delived a solid punh to Scimtars nose,causing him to drop the Scimitar,and cluch his nose.Mucles acted quickly,he drop-kicked previously had a Scimtar,plucked the Scimitar up,and hurled it at one of Scimiats thugs,it nailed one of them in the shoulder, making him scream and be stuck on the same wall Rye was leaning against,and the third one ran screaming bloody murder."Too easy Mucles thought,as he picked up a medium-sized rock,and chucked it,hitting Bloody-Murder on the head,knoking him out.

Thats it so far!Hope you like it!

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