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Pokemon~Forever(Still in biulding stages)

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Pokemon~Forever(Still in biulding stages)

Post by legolosarrow on Sun 06 Feb 2011, 11:32 am

Humekra;A Reigon of great culture and respect,all things are at peace,here in SoulWind Town you shall be reciving you're very first pokemon,and sent off on a journy,where ever it may take you,wether it's becoming a pokemon ranger a trainer or a variety of other things,also here if you show great streangh and power and come out victorious from the pokemon leauge,you amy even be challenged by the legendary Elite Four.
Here,young trainer is a map of this glorios Reigon,

SoulWind Village;A town of origin,as they say,here you live you shall also be reciving you're starter here from Proffeser Pokemon.Leads on to route 7000

NightStar City;A ratty old town easily accsesed by route 7000 they say if you explore the undergound you can find some free stuff and a beaten down old Pokecenter,that still has a nurse joy in it,also they say if you look deep enough you can find.....nah I won't tell you,you wouldn't belive me anyway.This leads into Dusk Forest.

Dusk Forest;Many pokemon live here,although somthing strange has been going on with the pokemon,as if thier was a force influincing them to do somthing evil...Leads on to route 7001

AquaZone City;A city,in which it is raining all the time.There is a pokecenter and a pokemart here also the First Gym the leader is Arty,his pokemon are,Magikarp,Magikarp,and Goldeen.Also,a contest takes palce here and they say that if you swim to the bottom of the lake you can find some strange pokemon.Leads on to Route 7002.

BlackMoon Cave;A myesterious tiny cave that have many pokemon scambling around.They seem to be biulding somthing...This Leads to BlastFurnace Town.

BlastFurnace Town;A blazing Hot town,few people live here,although there is a Pokecenter and a BikeShop,you can buy a bike for 1,000,000 PokeDollars or you can catch the owner a Magmar,there is also a pokemon daycare here,they also say that theres somthing very myesterious that lives in the old sauna.Leads to Route 7003

Electromech City;Just after route 7003,this town is very technologicaly advanced and has many many many shops and many many trainers to battle.There is also Pokecenter and a ShoppingMall here as well as the Second Gym,the leader is Sparky his Pokemon are,Pichu,and Luxio.Another contest takes place here.Leads on to Four Forest.

Four Forest;Another one of the Reigons lush green forests they say that the base of the Elite Four is hidden somwhere in here.Leads on to route 7004.

Time-Zone city;A city that is centered around history,it is croweded with musemses and gift shops here they also say if you go into the museam you can find a special door that will lead you showhere secret,if you have the right Pokemon....There is also a pokecenter and a pokemart here.Leads out to SunnySide Cave.

SunnySide Cave;A tiny cave,at least in width,if you wish to travel sideways you can go to CoalRock City or you can head up to the Eye-In-The-Sky Pavilon.

CoalRock City;A rather small town,biult on top of an underground mine.Theres not much to do on the top so,why not go under?Leads to route 7005.

CoalRock City,UnderGround;Located just below CoalRock City,this part of the underground has the Third Gym the type is Ground the Leader is Dusty,his pokemon are,Sandshrew,Sandslash,and lastly Areodactal.Also there is a pokecenter and a pokemart here.Also there's a contest here.

Eye-In-The-Sky Pavilon;A place where flying type lovers gather also there are many bird pokemon here and a pokecenter and a pokemart.Another thing is,they say if you travel high enough in the pavilon you will be graced by three bird pokemon.

HeadPhone Town;A town dedicated to music,if you stop by the music store a guy says he can sell you a flute that will wake the sleeping snorlax on route 7006 but,no one belives him,after all,he used to be the magikarp sales men.There is also a pokecenter here,leads out to Route 7006.

The Dump;A place filled with trash,used to be known as DuskCity,they were famous for there un-collapsing dumps but one day the dumps collapsed and....well,ka-putsky.Also if you look under the rubble you can find some pokeballs although,the pokemon inside won't listen to you no matter what.Leads out to Route 7007.

DuskCity2;Just after route 7007,The city was named after DuskCity,after the un-fortunate accident with the garbage.There is a pokecenter and a pokemart here as well as the Fourth Gym the type is Psycic the leader is called Moony her pokemon are,Lunatone,Solorock,and Espeon.Also,there is another contest being held here.Leads out to route 7008.

Blade Town;A quiet,tiny town placed on a mountian side,the legendery pokemon hunter,Blade is said to have hidden his pokemon treasures in Blade Mountian which follows here.There is also a pokecenter and a pokemart located here.

Blade Mountian;A dark mountian crawling with Dark pokemon,the pokemon hunter Blade is said to have hidden his hunted pokemon here.Leads on to RedCavern town.

RedCavern Town;An odd litttle town where many people tell tall tales of odd pokemon that live in the cavern,but nobody ever belives them.There is also a pokecenter here.Leads to route 7009.

TurboBlaze City~A city,famous for there saunas,it has many trainers and another gym is here,the leader calls himself Magma,his pokemon are,Magmar,Charmelon,Blazikin.Also there is another contest being held here as welll as a pokemart and pokecenter.Leads out to route 7010.

Animal I have Become-

Private Idaho-

Time of Dying(Known to cure thoughts of Suicide and the emotion of sadness!)-

I Will Not Bow-

Blow Me Away-

End of All Hope-

You're Going Down(One curse word[The song makes you want to pick flowers with your gramdmother])-

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