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Champions Online(Otherwise referd to as CO)

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Champions Online(Otherwise referd to as CO)

Post by legolosarrow on Tue 12 Jul 2011, 9:20 pm

Champions Online is an epic game, in which you are a Superhero, doing what Superheros do.
There is a number of things to do, such as beating up mobs from gangs like The Cobra Lords, Cult of the Red Banner,and more. There are also adventure packs, such as resistance, in which James Harmon IV (Defender, the NPC's alter ego) has built a teleporter, and you go to different dimension, here the world is upaide down, you fight lots and lots of baddies, and more. There is also a number of missions, with differnt objectives, wether it be taking down mobs, looting mobs, or finding a specific item.
When you sign up,(As a silver meber, the non-subscribers) there will be a screen that says 'Create you're Champion'.If you click on that, you will be presented with a screen, that has a number of powers,but you only get one(If you're a silver meber that is.)The powers include Archery, Might(Super Strength), Ice, Fire, and more. These selections are know as achtypes, when you select one it will bring you to charecter create(It will show a costume when you click which archtypes, but dont worry, you still get to make you're own).You can choose what you're Hero's gender is, how they look, change colors, change costume peices and more.Then, you name you're hero, then you go to the tutorial(Or, if you've done it once, you can skip it).You only have two charecter slots(If you're silver, if you're gold, you have Cool
If you want more CO info, PM me.
if you already play, tell me you're handle, im @legolosarrow, and i usually play as Destruction@legolosarrow

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