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Pokemon Desukuru: Eternity's Fabric!

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Pokemon Desukuru: Eternity's Fabric!

Post by Coolchill214 on Sat 03 Dec 2011, 3:34 pm

The Eternity Gardens,one of the 7 Wonders of the Pokemon World! Noone can manage to solve the mystery of it which are two simple questions: Who started the Eternity Gardens,and how did they manage to live without being cared for for what seems like..Eternity!
And now,a mysterious force is hurting the force of Time,threatening the Fabric of Eternity! A mysterious group of people,Kaosu-ji,believe they can rid the Eternity Garden's of it's symptoms that only support one dreadful ending: The End of Time itself was near.
Yet,as all of this chaos is taking place,you are beginning your journey,completely unaware of the treacherous deeds ahead.
Are Kaosu-ji really trying to help? Are you the key to the Eternity Garden's secrets? Is the world really going to end BEFORE 2012? Take your Poke'ball,and hope that your journey will last for as long as Eternity.

Desukuru Map!~The Journey

Honyaku Town- Where cultures collide and journeys begin! People from all over that speak many languages gather here! Get your Starter Pokemon,Poke'dex,and Poke'balls from Proffessor Einno! He may just test out your skill.

Route 01-Many Normal and Flying Pokemon await being captured by new trainers here! Some other new trainers may just battle you!

Nazo City- This city is filled with buildings,a Contest Hall,Battle Clubs,and Museums where you can test out old ways to capture Pokemon..with a Sword! The 1st Gym is here-River,the tough water type master is ready to fight! His Pokemon: Lotad,Carvanha,Magikarp.

Route 02-Many Dark,Ghost,and Physcic types gather here. There are two reflecting an Eye,the symbol for Physcic,the other a shadowy moon,for Dark types. They say if you bring forth an Eevee to one of these statues,it will evolve!

Shori Forest- An odd forest to the left of Route 02. None can enter,for trees block the entrance. They say that a Pokemon reflecting Victory lies in the center of the forest.

Shinoseimei- A temple you must pass through. A strange man in an odd uniform is here. On his uniform are two letters-A K and a J. He claims to be Okishi, and he claims that you must battle him to pass and get one step closer to...Eternal Life?Wierd...



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