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Chief, meet Pikachu.

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Chief, meet Pikachu. Empty Chief, meet Pikachu.

Post by legolosarrow on Sun 27 Nov 2011, 1:47 pm

It was a very strange battle sight. There were colorful creatures destroying aliens alongside UNSC troopers, and even more creatures destroying alien ships from up above.

"Uh...Sergant Major Johnson? Can you explain what the hell is happening here?" Said a man. This man was Master Chief, or, John 117. He was a genecticly enginerd super solidger, called a Spartan.

"Well, few months back there was a weird spcae time rift thing. Idiots that found it thought it wasnt dangerous, and didnt tell anybody. Now, we have this colorful things helpin' us kill Covenant." A man told Chief, keeping his gaze on the battle.

They were in a Pelican,a ship, about two hundred feet above the battle.

"Time to jump." The man said.

"Allright."Chief got out of his seat. He was seven feet tall, was wearing armor, and had an assult rifle strapped to his back.

So, he jumped, and landed on a large, fat colorful creature."Snore..." It cried, as a beam fired from its mouth, destroying a Wraith, a Covenant tank.

Chief rolled off the thing, and yanked his assult rifle off his back. Just as he pulled the trigger, a yellow creature leaped onto his shoulder, and fired a bolt of electricity into the on-coming wave of Covenant.

The Covenanat were bands of aliens that joined up to fire Hal, a device they thought would carry them to hevan, but would actually kill everything.

"Pika!" The creature said, with a mischevious look on its face. Chief looked at the creature and said, "What are you?".

The creature replied, after firing another electric missile at the Covenant swarms, "Pikachu."

"CHAR!" A red creaturwe was fsailing through the air, and slammed into the ground.

Chief fired his gun, and chucked a grenade at the Covenant as he ran over to the fallen creature. It had a hole in its wing.

Then it happend. Chief heard two things at once "Mew!" and "Mewtwo!" Two entities floated above the battle feild, all eyes looked upon.

The one that was small and pink, waved its tail, and all the covenant were going. The larger, purple ones raised its hand, and it, the small pink thing, and all the other creatures disapered.

"That, was the weirdest day of my life, ever." Chief remearked.

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