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Rejected..... Empty Rejected.....

Post by legolosarrow on Thu 06 Oct 2011, 6:49 pm

Hi guys. I had a very sad ocurrance today, I was rejected by a girl...... It all started at the end of the day, when I heard about a Zaps. You write a time on somones hand and on the otherside of the hand, you write somones name. If they look before the time, they have to ask the person out. I was Zapped, and given my memory of a goldfish, this happend: "I got zapped, darn it!...........Hey, whats this on my hand? DARN IT!" So, I asked her out (her name was Rachel, and I liked her.....) and I said(and i quote)"Hi Rachel, I got zapped,do you want to go out with me, I figured the answer was no, bye!" All before she could get a word in. As I was run-walking away, I heard her say "No!". So, how shall I recover from this?

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Rejected..... Empty Re: Rejected.....

Post by ConArtist on Thu 24 Nov 2011, 9:07 am

I'm so glad they don't have this "Zaps" thing in Florida :3 It would become a new fad, and considering only a handful of people in my class I knew from the year before, it would be torture..
On a lighter note, love is complicated. Try,try again throughout the year, and maybe, Rachel will see that you like her so much,you're trying so much, that she'll say yes. Or she may just not like you for bad reasons to like someone. Like Gold Diggers.
Hope I helped. And if I didn't, in response to your memory of a goldfish, there are many goldfish in the sea ;D


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