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The Great Switch! (accepting)

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The Great Switch! (accepting)

Post by Hydrocannon on Wed 31 Aug 2011, 2:35 am

Considering this was locked-_-, I'll start again.
(And CC, you're still accepted, so don't worry).

All forum rules apply.
Warning: This is for serious RPers only. Meaning I go by a 5-line, 7-sentence rule. IE, you HAVE to post a MINIMUM of 7 sentences or 5 full lines for the post to be legitimate.
ONE MORE THING! Shield not important! I have a three-strikes policy. If you break the rules once, you get a warning on the RP. Twice, you get warning vi PM. 3 times, you're out of the RP. Got it? Good. Let the story begin.

"This invention will change the world of pokemon forever! You will get a new perspective of your pokemon! Thia is my latest invention: The Shifter!" The great and brilliant Bill unveiled a large machine with more buttons and gadgets than you could ever imagine.
"With this machine, anyone can change bodies with any pokemon they desire!"
Everyone outside the goldenrod radio tower was stunned. this invention was revolutionary. Everyone was eager to see just how this machine worked.
"Now with the flick of this switch, I will switch the bodies of this young trainer and his beedrill!"
A bright light was emitted from the machine that spread throughout Johto.
"What...what just happened? HOLY SHI-"
When the light vanished, everything appeared the same, however, everyone around the radio tower was acting odd, they were acting like pokemon!
The machine malfunctioned and switched the bodies of trainers with the last pokemon they sent out of a pokeball.
"Th-the machine! It's GONE!"
Who took this machine?
It is up to Bill and 4 different trainers that he has recruited to his cause to find out who took the machine and to get everyone back to normal!

Background: (At least 2 full lines)
Personality: (preferably 2 lines)
Appearence: (Clothing, hair/eye color, etc.)
Pokemon you switch bodies with: Sawk
To make sure you read the story, please put Dusk Ball at the end of your application, underlined.

My Application:
Name: Xavier Cross
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Background: Xavier was born in goldenrod and from the day he turned 14, he started a paper route for the entire city, making whatever money he could for his family. His 5 person family, Xavier, his father, mother, and 2 younger sisters, live in a small home near the bike shop. they could barely afford anything but the bare essentials because both of his parents never had minimum-wage paying jobs and just could not move up in thier companies no matter how hard they worked. Xavier made just enough money on his paper route to buy a few pokeballs and search for a wild pokemon, after a few tries, he found himself a sawk
Personality: Despite being rather poor, Xavier always had an upbeat attitude about life. No matter what the situtation, he always seemed to be able to find the bright side of everything.
Appearence: Xavier wears a shirt that is colored as a giant pokeball, two black wrist bands, and black jeans with black converse shoes with red laces
Pokemon he changes places with: Sawk.

PM ME YOUR APPLICATION DO NOT POST IT HERE! Once I accept everyone, I will start this RP.
Hope we can have some fun with this.
Post the answer to this question to prove you read this whole post
What is the name of the move that does more damage if the opponent is poisoned?


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Re: The Great Switch! (accepting)

Post by legolosarrow on Mon 10 Oct 2011, 4:15 pm

Hydwo, are you still running this? If not,it will be locked.

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