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Happy Holidays,TSZ!

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 Happy Holidays,TSZ! Empty Happy Holidays,TSZ!

Post by Coolchill214 on Wed 22 Dec 2010, 6:25 pm

Well,the holidays are approaching and I'm sure everyone's rushing around,buying gifts,having great times with family,and of course enjoying TSZ!Well,I dont want this to sound like Im some kind of creator,so I'll leave it at that.Anyways,with all the December Cheer comes of course,being Weary after a long day of shopping,am I right?Well,I'd like to cheer everyone up!If you're bored,I have some challenges for you,and I'll of course be giving away XAT Avatars frequently during the day on the chat!I feel I've becoming lazy with my avatar-making,so I decided the holidays would be a perfect time to remind me of the fun that lies within making a XAT Avatar!Check the Fanfiction section;you might see some new editions to the stories,which may or may not include a holiday tale,or a sneak peak of an upcoming RolePlay...

Well,where-ever you live,enjoy the holidays,and don't forget to enjoy yourselves,not get yourself exhausted with shopping,baking,planning parties,etc.
I'll most likely be giving some hacked Pokemon away,though they're from when I was a noob,so they're all Level 100,and there's no room for EV Training.But hey,it's the thought that counts,am I right?

Well,I promised some challenges,so here they are!

For The Gamers,I set up a list of challenges for various games you might have,so challenge yourself once and a while!

Pokemon Ranger Games-

Beat the game without losing all the life in your Styler.

Complete your Browser.

Find Secret Locations with new quests,and complete them!

For the games that allow you to replay the ending with the assistance of Drowsy Guy;Beat the game over again and again!

Pokemon Games (Diamond,Pearl,Platinum,Soulsilver,Heartgold,etc.)-

For those of you with Wi-Fi;Spread the cheer,put up good Pokemon for trade so that others can re-joice at getting that Pokemon,and you get one as well!

Catch all available Legendaries!

Find Hidden Items!

Complete your Pokedex!

Train Your Pokemon to high levels!


Pokemon PMD Games-

Get lots of Partners for your Team and complete your ideal dream team!

Reach the best Explorer Rank!

Battle all available Legendaries!

Unlock all the areas!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl-

Collect Titles!

Reach one of the best Three on the Scoreboard!


Well,those were some of the games I had that I decided to make challenges for,but if you would like to create some more challenges,feel free to comment here with them!

For The Arteests,here are some festive ideas for artwork!(Note-These are not all invented by me.)

Snover Christmas Tree

Stantler Rudolph

Shandera Menorah

Delibird Santa

Overworld Festive Creations (Example: Instead of Red,Green with Elf clothing!)

Feel free to submit more ideas!

I wish you guys joyful holidays.And a Happy New Year!


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