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Halo Reach Forge Maps!

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Halo Reach Forge Maps!

Post by TheSquirtleDude on Sun 31 Oct 2010, 10:06 am

Hello Boys, Girls and Derp.

Here you can post links to your forge maps on, you can also disscuss what you would like to see in a forge map. Also you can arrange to make maps together.

Important Links

You may need to have a account to share your maps here.

To share your maps you must upload it to your file share and then link it on this site. Or if you are Xbl firends you can reccomend it to each other.

Currently I am working on a forge map like Paradiso, but larger, It has 3 bases but they will spread up accross the cliff sides and through the water.... I am looking for sugggestions for names here.


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