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~-~-War Path~-~-
Chapter 1
“Clink. Clank,” Sounds of the forge bounced around.
“Hey, Ride, check this out…” A guy said.
A guy named Riley Jarich turned his head. He was a muscular boy, with broad shoulders and hard features. He was about five eleven, and was called Ride because his thing was riding Horses. He walked over to his friend, and peered down on what he was working on.
It was your average Long Sword, but it was different. The metal that formed the blade Ride recognized as Crytinan, a durable metal that was light-weight and a rare find, swords made from it were reported to do exceptionally well in battle. The hilt was oak wood, with carved images of dragons and knights.
“It’s amazing…” Ride commented.”Can I feel it?”
His friend picked up the blade, and carefully picked up from his crafting bench, a placed it in Ride’s hands. He liked it, the handle felt smooth despite the engravings, and when he touched the metal, he was greeted by a nice, cool sensation.
“Nice right?” His friend said, as he took the sword back and wrapped around it a soft silk cloth. His friend was Alec Greywire, a veteran of the forge. He was roughly shorter than Ride, and wasn’t nearly as strong, but a much better forger, problem was he often couldn’t lift his own work.
“So, how much longer should we stay here?” Alec asked. “My shift’s over.”
“We could go now.” Ride replied, as he began walking towards the door.
Alec looked around. Every time he left, he was taken aback by the scenery, wanting to craft more things. The dozens of men and children working on the various long tables, people running to and from the furnace. Hammers clanking, even the smoky aroma.
“Alec, you comin’, or what?” Ride asked from the door.
Alec nodded as he followed his friend.”Where are we going now?” He asked.
“Stables buddy, my favorite place.”Ride replied as a smile came to his lips.
Alec returned the smile with a frown. Ride knew he hated horses. They always kicked him when he looked at em’. He came anyway.

Once they were at the stables they heard a voice say “Hey, Ride, what’s happening?” It was Salamon a KIT or, Knight In Training. He had hung around with Ride and Alec before, until he decided to fight.
“Nothing much. I thought you stopped riding, why are you here?” Ride asked.
“Well, at first I thought I wanted to put arrows into my adversaries, but I found that took way to much skill for my. So, since I loved horses, I decided to be a Metal Horse.” Salamon replied. They called the calvary Metal Horses, because the horses were geared up in metal armor for battle.
“Ok then… Uh..Try not to die in fights?” Ride replied, in goodbye.
“I’ll be sure to keep a sword close, see you two around.” Salamon said, walking off.
“Wonder if he’ll get your sword…” Ride remarked to Alec.

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