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Post by Coolchill214 on Sun 04 Dec 2011, 10:26 am

1-Game Time

The familiar sound of steel bats hitting baseballs echoed in the dry climate. Stories could be percieved throughout these echoes. Baseball practice,mere fun,sometimes even healthy rivalry matches between friends.
One sound,however,was far more intense than the rest. A heated baseball game absorbed the most attention. Cheering fans,people shouting at the umpire,the strong scent of greasy hot dogs.
Being desensitized to these annoyances (besides the greasy hot dog scent) was one of the coach's many talents.
"Mike,get up to bat!" Coach Melasque instructed. One of the best female coaches at the Rexcluse Baseball Complex,Coach Melasque's 30th year-of-coaching was approaching,and she prided herself enough not to boast.
Mike weighed the bat in his right hand. He then proceeded to step to the right of home plate and distributed the bat to his left hand.
"Go,Lefty!" Someone shouted from the crowd. Mike knew that if he looked to the direction of the cheer,he would see the emerald eyes of Riley Smith,his best friend.
Mike's attention faltered,but he quickly regained his focus as a curveball zoomed past him. Shrugging it off, Mike observed the field. Two openings; One between 2nd and 3rd and 3rd and home. There was a risk of a foul if he aimed between 3rd and home,but Mike was all for risks.
The baseball was a blur as it soared between the stubby legs of the 3rd baseman. It bounced into the glove of an outfielder who sent it on a short flight to 2nd base.
"Safe!" The umpire growled. Mike had gotten himself to first and his teammate,Thomas,to 2nd.
Mike saw Coach Melasque,in a daze,dissappear from the area.
'Probably going to the restroom to freshen up for our victory party..' Mike thought to himself and smiled. It was odd though,considering how important the game was.
The game ended at a score of 21 to 23.Mike lagged behind his team to catch up with Riley.
"Nice going Lefty!" Riley laughed.
"Yeah,sure. But the real game starts in two weeks." Mike shrugged.
"Mike,don't forget practice tomorrow.." Coach Melasque groaned. She looked tired and seemed to stretch the "s" sound in practice. Wait,was that a... forked tongue?
Mike rubbed his eyes.It was happening again.
Even with his baseball record,Mike's psychologist visits were frequent and patronizing.
Mike sighed,then smiled at Riley. " Well,the team's heading off to The Glove,but hey,why don't we go on over to CiCio's for a nice deep dish pizza and soda?" The Glove was a popular sports bar that was always crowded and was visited by all the big Sports names. CiCio's was an Italian restaurant owned by Sal Smith, Riley's legal guardian.
"Nah,Sal's all mad at me 'cause I did really bad on that past History's wierd, he usually never gets mad at me for bad grades,but I guess he doesn't like us taking up space in his restaurant and getting free pizza and soda..." Riley sighed.
"Uh..ok then. See you tomorrow?"
"Ya,ok." Riley replied. Mike jogged off to catch up with his baseball buddies. Riley sighed and walked in the opposite direction.

2-Mamma Mia!

Riley felt immediately something was wrong with CiCio's as soon as he stepped in the restaurant.The door was locked,which was odd,considering it was a Friday night,which was CiCio's biggest nights. Riley had had to use his key,but it was awkward. He had never really been taught how to USE the key before,and never really had to,until tonight.
Also,the "OPEN" light was still on,and all the staff were nowhere in sight. Usually,after service,the staff would hang around, get out the liquor,and talk about whatever. Not a glass or bottle of wine being insight, Riley got worried. What had happened here? No signs of a robbery,nothing burned, (except for maybe some of the pizza crust on the pizza in the pizza bar),and noone in sight.
"Sal,I'm home?" Riley called out.
"Oh yes,I welcome you back,Riley.Can you come and help me in the kitchen?" That was Sal allright. The Italian accent,the poor grammar,everything matched. Except the stretched "s" in yes.
Riley jogged on into the kitchen and was greeted by a pizza tray slicing the air above his head.
"What the-" Riley groaned as he found himself staring over at a large,manlike lizard standing on two feet,in a chef hat and apron.
"Thankssss Riley! I've alwayssss wanted to try making my new Cannibal Pizza!" The lizard hissed,in Sal's voice,somehow.
Another pizza tray was thrown,a deadly Frisbee that caught Riley,slicing his right sleeve by his shoulder. Riley cursed. And then ran out of the kitchen.
He searched around,and then saw the old antique pizza oven in the corner of the restaurant. Grabbing a pack of matches off a table,Riley rushed towards it,dodging pizza trays going this way and that. He glanced behind the pizza oven as he threw the lighted match into it,and all his pain and fear washed away,replaced by anger.
Sal was lying unconscious on the floor, a towel covering his torso,which was soaked with pizza sauce (he hoped it was pizza sauce). The pizza oven started,and,enraged,Riley's vision blurred. He felt a burning sensation all throughout his body. Nauseated,Riley bent over,and for some reason,the lizard thing had suddenly hesitated as it began to throw another tray.
Riley pointed at the lizard with his right hand. It squealed. Riley's right hand then fell down,and the lizard sighed.
"" The lizard was trying to get his words out in a voice other than Sal's.
Riley's eyes went red,and he felt all his anger burst from his body. Fire engulfed the lizard as it yelped only one thing:"ELEMENTALISSSST"
Riley,however,fainted with only the memory of the fire,and a serious hunger for pizza and soda.

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