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Pokemon Heroes-Birth of All Hope

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Pokemon Heroes-Birth of All Hope

Post by legolosarrow on Sun 04 Dec 2011, 9:53 am

"Ariel Ace!"
Two people battled one in a Trainers clothing, the other in some kind of armor.

The trainer type was using a Charizard, the other had an Areodactal.

The two attacks stopped each other.

"Areodactal, Im bored, lets end it, rock throw!"The Areodactal flew down and tore a chunk out of the ground, and threw it efortlessly at Charizard, who went down.

"Pitiful."The man said, as he walked over to the trainer.

"Please no..." The trainer backed up.

"Please yes."The man said, as he took the trainer's pokemon, and pushed him into a room.

No one ever saw Luke, the pokemon trainer who battled with the Champion, again...

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