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Guns & Gardens, How To Survive a Zombie Apocolypse!

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Guns & Gardens, How To Survive a Zombie Apocolypse! Empty Guns & Gardens, How To Survive a Zombie Apocolypse!

Post by legolosarrow on Sat 08 Oct 2011, 5:14 pm

"Grr...." You hear them groan as they near you, in your corner. You have nothing but a pistol with one bullet, you had lots more bullets, but that was before you emptied two rounds on a Zombie's chest trying to figure out why it wouldn't die. As more and more swell around your position, slowly advancing. You are already cornerd. You put the gun to your head, make peace with your god, and pull the trigger...

This thread is here so that in the event of your Grandma trying to get a little more out of your cheek than just pinch it, you can acctually hold out.

Ok, I wil give you tips on what you can do from the perspective of somone who hasnt the slightest idea as to what a Zombie is, and has no idea what Zombie talk like-BOB,BOL,Bug Out, and Bug In mean.

First off, the Zombie. Before you combat your enemy, you must know what it is. A Zombie is an already dead organism that feels no pain, has no emotins, feels no fear and is as smart as a sack of potatoes. Given that these things are dead, they have no use for lungs, the heart,stomach ect. The only thing the creatures utilize is the brain, and if lungs are avalible, they are used for various grunts and groans. The Zombie cannot swim(though it may wander on the bottom of Ocean floors), has horrible dexterity a Zombie can only climb on occasion, they do not get tired, and may be as slow as a snail. The zombie disease only transfers to humans so dont be afraid about Zombified-Winne The Pooh trying to eat your flesh.

Part Two- Weaponry
How to kill these beasts you ask? Well, you're not going to empty a round from your assult rifle on one's chest thats for sure! The one thing you need to kill a Zombie is somthing that can damage the Brain, or completly destroy the Zombie. Although they may look like attractive options, the Chain Saw,power tools, and Flamethrowers are big No-No's.No power tools because they use power, and in some cases fuel, but, the main downfall here is the noise level. You mightn as well be ringing a dinner bell for Zombies,then lying on a silver platter.TBE

This has been legolosarrow, who isnt really working for Guns&Garden,see you next time!(This will be updated AT LEAST once a week.)

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