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Sonic and the Black Knight-Redone!

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Sonic and the Black Knight-Redone!

Post by Coolchill214 on Mon 05 Sep 2011, 5:40 pm

Disclaimer!: May contain spoilers for the game!I put it in a spoiler,so I'm here to give you a look before you leap.
~~ "Nooooo!" The hedgehog wailed,half-growling while looking at his shattered sword on the ground. He glared up at the Dark Queen. "That's it.." His teeth,gritted together,hurt from how hard he was pressing his teeth together. The pain didn't help. "Sir Sonic,give up,run,the chivalry isn't worth it!" A voice boomed,joining the pleads to run from the Queen who was far more powerful than Sonic. Sonic opened his eyes and grinned at noone specifically. "It was never about the chivalry for me.."
Meanwhile, four spectators gathered around a shining blue circle of which projected the image of the following occurences. A bright yellow blared through the hole.
"It's the light of the sacred sword! Quick,put your swords in!" The pink one commanded. They dropped their swords into the hole. Sonic glowed a yellow color and a bright beam shot over him. (OOC: I find it better to depict this with a video..)

And then,he leapt at his enemy,ready to fight and prove her wrong.~~


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