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The Sonic Series!

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The Sonic Series!

Post by Coolchill214 on Sun 04 Sep 2011, 1:04 pm

First of all-Sonic and the Black Knight. Most people say it sucks,but I enjoyed it. I got stuck on King Arthur,but whatever. The music,like most Sonic games,was amazing,thanks to Crush 40 ;3 I enjoyed manipulating the Wii's motion control as a sword. Very fun.

Shadow the Hedgehog. I absolutely fell in love with the amazing songs thanks to again,Crush 40. I used to die for the chance to get over to my cousins' house to play this game. We didn't play the Story,but I knew of the story,and multiple endings. We usually just played multiplayer and killed each other until we reached our limit of kills/deaths,or timed. I don't quite remember the details.

Sonic Unleashed. I had played this game before,It was okay. I don't precisely remember everything,but I'm definetely going to try a nice little run through of it.

Sonic Colors. A lot of people thought it was great,still unsure of my opinion on this. The song is great,but I remembered having trouble with the game.

Sonic Riders-Zero Gravity. The song is a little peculiar,but I remember playing it with again my cousin,and the plot and multiplayer was very enjoyable! I mean,Hedgehogs on Hoverboards. What could get better than that?

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