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The Swordstone.

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The Swordstone.

Post by Coolchill214 on Wed 24 Aug 2011, 7:46 am

The blade,encrusted and wedged in the stone,represented many different things to many different people. 3 men came to a wise instructor and asked for his assistance. The strongest one,who had wanted the sword for self defense and to get stronger,was given the time from when the sun rised,to when the sun was directly up in the sky.
From there,the second one,who was weak,and had no interest in education,who only wanted the sword for power and to be able to boast,was assigned from the time the sun is high up in the sky,to when it vanishes,and the moon appears.
At that time,the third student,who was equally balanced in the two categories of strength and education,went out from the time the sun sets,to the time the sun rises. He had gained more time than the other.
The sun had awoken,and brought morning. The strong one came over and pulled on the hilt of the sword. It would not budge,so he pulled harder. He then slipped,and his two feet collided with the rock,causing major injuries,and not allowing him to continue with the Swordstone. The teacher had called his other two students,and told them that one of them could have their time from when the sun rises,to the time when the sun is directly in the sky.
The wisest student asked if he could have the afternoon. The weak one perked up at this,and asked if he could have the night. The teacher allowed them to switch off their times.
And,so,when the sun was directly up in the sky,the wisest came out,and read what he had discovered last night,smoothing his hand out over the rock,manipulating his sense of Feeling. Now that he could see,he could read his discovery. " Two Will Fall,One Will Rise,Two Are Left,The Other Will Meet His Demise"
He attempted to warn the other,but the weak one bluntly stated that he did not believe the wise one,that he was attempting to get rid of him from the test. So,the wisest one did not pursue the argument any further.
Later that night,the weak one struggled to pull the sword out,and he fell forward. His head collided with the stone,and he lay,bleeding. He would have survived if he had listened to the wisest one's heed and not chosen the night. Noone saw him moan and die,in the eerie eternal night.
The teacher approved of the wisest wits,and other important traits he had demonstrated. So the instructor tore the sword out easily,and rewarded the wisest.

The moral of the story? Well,it's a combination of morals,enshrouding all of the characters.

Here's some description's of character's choices in the story,so you better understand:

The oldest one,it was quite obvious and idiotic. He thought by manipulating his strength to get something that would boost his strength,he would be successful. The swordstone was clearly stronger,and if he had taken a look at the stone,maybe he would have noticed the warning. His Lesson: Brute Force will not always be the answer.

The weakest one,he thought by exchanging his time for the night,the sword would be weakened from the previous two pulling on the sword. If he had bothered studying the rock,he would have realized the warning,though,he would not have warned his fellow men,he would just let him die. His Lesson: Heed a fellow man's warning,for,not all men are blinded by success and reward.

The wisest one,he studied the rock manipulating his sense of feeling,when he had lost his feeling of sight in the darkness. He was the only one who was aware of a greater thing than brute force. It was a test of survival. His Lesson: If you cannot look with your eyes,look with your mind,and your knowledge,and you will pursue a great destiny.


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