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Post by Coolchill214 on Tue 23 Aug 2011, 7:38 am

Sorry for making a topic that revolves around another topic,but that one has sunk to the bottom,and I know Disco might get angry because I could have revived his, ya anyways, GPX+ is like Poke'farm,except 10 times better!
You can battle,earn achievements,go Underground and recieve items,and tons of more cool features,like a Journal you can update like a message for visitors of your profile!

Here's The Link:
Here's The Link to my Profile: Add me to your Pal Pad if you haven't already,I'll click your eggs,feed your Pokemon,and assist you with anything you need!

Don't think of clicking someone's eggs being a hastle,you get points for it,which you can exchange for misc. prizes including a Journal and Pal Pad! So,don't think of clicking eggs like,a job, think of it an experience to earn points in a fun way! (I just realized it is kind of like a job,you earn GPX+ currency through clicking other people's in the real world,where you do a job to earn your currency.)


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GPX+ Topic #2 Empty Re: GPX+ Topic #2

Post by DiscoPichu on Fri 26 Aug 2011, 6:33 pm

I wouldn't have minded, CC :3

I have been on GPX+ for well over a year. It's really fun, yet I can't seem to find any new shinies...
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