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Coolchill Design Warehouse

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Coolchill Design Warehouse

Post by Coolchill214 on Mon 01 Aug 2011, 4:12 pm

Now,there's a simple order form and I'll have a nice little gallery to go along with it,where you can check out my examples and such. My Photobucket Account is Coolchill214-I only have a couple creations on there-Puppet has been letting me use her account for a while,and I felt it wasn't right,so I made my own Photobucket account.

Composed Art Management- Order Forms

The Pokemon:
Will it be Shiny,or have any rare colorings of your choice?:
Frame and Frame Color if so (if you get a text,your text border will be the same color as the frame):
Text,Text Color (it can be two colored,sometimes orange and red,when made well,can have a cool rustic look),and Text Border Color:(these are optional-just so you know,I can do from 1-5 letters are Q,W,M,S,and Z are difficult to make text out of,so attempt to use the least of those as possible,and Black Text Border is generally the best,bright borders make the images contrast seem dull in comparison,making it quite hard to see.):
Where for pick-up?: Will you pick it up on this thread (reccommended),or through PM? And also would you like your avatar private,or would you mind if it was added to a gallery where it will be publicly displayed?


1.Dont spam this thread with negative or positive comments,one or two keep-me-up-to-date in opinions occassionally will do.
2. I will take criticism,but it must be constructive,not just offensive like,"Your avatars suck =P".Instead,state it like this," I think your text could use a little more work."
3. Dont make fun of other people's avatars.

If you would like to suggest an idea for a sprite recoloring or avatar,PM me and I'll work on it :3

Also making overlap Forum Avatars and Signatures! Even overlapping Xat Avatars,but those are limited to two sprites each! Here's the form: UPDATE: This is for avatars with sprites only! If you're looking for avatars with a normal render,background,and then sprite,it's the form after the below one! Thank DiscoPichu for the idea though Wink

Which One? Avatar,Xat Avatar,or Signature?:
What Sprites?I can do Trainers and Pokemon old and new-no animations sadly though:
Would you like the Pokemon in certain Positions,or a Trainer in the middle or such?:
Any Re-colorings on the Sprites or such?:
If a Xat Avatar,what text and what text color?:

What Pokemon,and if you want,give me a render:
Any specific background?:
Any specific sprite?Maybe you want a Crystal Sprite,put that here:
Would you like a border? (Warning,these are very small,like in my Emolga Avatar-I am not taking credit for the Emolga Avatar,JUST the border :3 ):

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Re: Coolchill Design Warehouse

Post by Drago on Tue 02 Aug 2011, 12:10 pm

Hmm the i can only think of one for first and second atm
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