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Cilan,Cress,and Chili! The Striaton Trio!

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Cilan,Cress,and Chili! The Striaton Trio!

Post by Coolchill214 on Sun 17 Jul 2011, 11:05 am

Depending on which starter you choose,you verse the one of the trio that is strong against your starter! Luckily you can obtain the Monkey that's super-effective against the monkey you're going against from a boy in front of Dreamyard! (Example: If you choose Oshawott,you would verse Cilan,who has the grass monkey Pansage.You would recieve the fire monkey Pansear from the boy.Convenient,right?)

Now,let me show you the leaders in order with the Poke'dex!

First off,if you chose the Grass type Snivy you will be battling:


He's the fiery waiter who will serve up a steaming hot battle with the Fire type monkey, Pansear! You would obtain the Water monkey Panpour from the boy in front of the Dreamyard.

His Pokemon:

In the anime,he only has a Pansear (shown below) but in the videogames Pokemon Black and White,he also has a Lillipup. (shown under Pansear) This applies to Cress and Cilan as well.

Next up,if you chose Tepig , the fire type starter you will be versing:


Cress will serve an icey cold beverage along with a refreshing battle to cool down a fiery temper with the Water monkey,Panpour! You would recieve the Grass monkey Pansage from the boy in front of Dreamyard.

His Pokemon (I will not list Lillipup because I am lazy-same thing applies to Cilan):

Last,but certainly not least,if you chose Oshawott,the water starter,you will be versing:


His Pokemon (He begins with a Pansage and later on CATCHES Dwebble):

Cilan will mix and match the perfect ingredients for a delicious entree,and a really tough battle!He decided to travel with Ash and Iris on their journey!You will recieve the fire monkey Pansear from the boy in front of Dreamyard!

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