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Crisis of the Multiverse

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Crisis of the Multiverse

Post by legolosarrow on Wed 13 Jul 2011, 10:06 pm

"Have you ever considered, that we may live in a multiverse? Insted of one Universe, we as a Species, have numerous inhabitiants across that multiverse, with ideas, streaming to us, with things like Harry potter, and the anihalton of Voldmort have been the history of that world.
Well, its true. Im jason Lemeirre, Icome from the future, on you're Earth. A futre in which Verse X struck, when we were unprpard, our Civilizaton was sturk down in a seconds few survived. The X Verse, is a multiverse, that has a core of evil. The scientists of that world, did expriments on the soil, that gave it life of its own. It infected inhabitants, and wanted more power, the first peice of soil that was effected, it grew, and attacked, any Earth that had a trace oif Evil consumed. Places like harry potters realm have not been consumed, but you must gatrher you're forces, all the might you can muster. You are at war now, its either fight, or die. i understand that in this time, you have heros, people with abilites, wether they be true or artiifical, i urge you to save you're selves, its to late for me, I leave you with this 'Fight til' the bitter end!' "


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