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Death Wars:Rage of the gods(Not started yet, feel free to sign up!)

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Death Wars:Rage of the gods(Not started yet, feel free to sign up!)

Post by legolosarrow on Tue 21 Jun 2011, 8:16 pm

" 'Did you ever think that there were special people among us? People with odd abilities,whether they would assist them in combat, or as an aid to everyday life? They may very well be among us...' and that was the special 2020 edition of the show 'Coast To Coast' or the beginning of it anyway!" Laughed a cheery reporter."If you're just joining us now, we're doing a replay of all those old Coast to Coast raidio shows here at Fox News: Oddites 2500."Added his female partner. "Now, conting, the next oart of the podcast is.." the newsman began, but he was stopped by a scratcy voice, one that was being throw by an old fasioned radio."Wait stop!" "Who the?!.."the newsreporter began to cry, but again stopped by the voice."I am Harry Houdini, I have contacted you from the land of the dead, a great evil exists in a future, a very bad one, which you have caused yet you were too blind to see it!" A questioning look came on the reporters face and he inquired: "is this some kind of joke?" "This is no joke mortal man."The voice replied, then continued "You're land of the living is in great danger, the gods of chaos and death and all that is evil have horrible plans for the living mortals!" "Can we go back to the part where you said 'You have been too blind to see it' cause' i can see fine." "Only now do you look into the past!" cried the voice angrily. "Tis' this weakness that has made you susseptible to attack! For example 2010 oil spill, that was the work of the anchient god Aphrosis creating chaos in you're land!" "Can we go to the part where.." began the female reporter."Silence!" shouted the voice."I grow weak, and weary of this chat, so I shall leave you with this, I shall cast a spell over this land, granting a number of men and women extrodinary abilitys, or, giving them to those who don't alredy have it you have heros in this time, no?" the male reporter began to speak,but the voice just continued, "I must leave you now, the dead and I are keeping our streangh upto hold back the forces of the gods for as long as we can, so I can not keep this channel of comunication much longergoodbye, and goodluck.." and the voice went silent...

Here is the forum for siging up...
Abilitys(Example:Gagets, fire manipulation, ect.):
Gained abilitys by(Example: Harry Houdinis spell, genectic mutation ect.):
Job:(Example: Hero, None, Chef):
Love interest:
(I don't include personality, because i like to see the RP'ers develop thier charcters more.)

Here are my sign ups,

Name:Zach Velocita'
Abilitys:Superspeed, Sound manipulation
Gained abilitys By: Genetic Mutation(Thats evolution)
Love interest:
I'll add more charcters later, feel free to sign up!

Animal I have Become-

Private Idaho-

Time of Dying(Known to cure thoughts of Suicide and the emotion of sadness!)-

I Will Not Bow-

Blow Me Away-

End of All Hope-

You're Going Down(One curse word[The song makes you want to pick flowers with your gramdmother])-

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