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TheSafariZone Rescue Team Empty TheSafariZone Rescue Team

Post by TrainerBlake101 on Sat 26 Mar 2011, 6:32 am

The Safari Zone Team Base!

Since the dawn of time, several pokemon helped others in there times of need. Rescue Squads where made, and many pokemon joined forces, to help the ones in need. We are The Safari Zone Rescue team! From All regions, our members can help you!

Our Team's are:
~~Blakes Team Silver~~
~~Gold Rank~~
~~Level 40 Swampert and Blaziken~~

Rescues Needed to do:


Our rescue team is small. That's why we're recuiting! We accept all rescue teams with 2 Team members (Ex. Poochyana and Growlith) and with a higher rank than bronze. If you want to join, just fill out the Fourm. Warning! It must be your REAL rescue team. If you give a fake one OR aren't active for some time you will be in danger.

1. My Team Name (Ex. Team Pokemon)
2. My Rescue Rank (Ex. Silver Rank)
3. My Team Members (Ex. Mightyana, Metang, Grovyle)
4. About Your Team

If you are wanting a rescue, Please fill this fourm out:

1. Where did you fail your rescue mission? (Ex. Frosty Grotto, Floor 7)
2. Your rescue Password (Once you faill a mission, send a rescue password.)

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