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My In-Game Pokemon Black Team!

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My In-Game Pokemon Black Team!

Post by Coolchill214 on Sun 13 Mar 2011, 1:39 pm

Well,to begin I'm in the Relic Castle searching for Reshiram,and all my Pokemon except for my in Training Pokemon are around the 40's.Here it is-

Yamask-Item:Lucky Egg-Type:Ghost-In Training-Ability:Munny-Level 30-Moves:Ominous Wind,Curse,Hex,Will-O-Wisp-Description:Yamask,a Pokemon I encountered in the begginning of Relic Castle at Level 19.It's evolution will complete my Dream Team~And help with inflicting Status'.

Beartic-Item:NeverMeltIce-Type:Ice-Ability:Snow Cloak-Level 39-Moves:Frost Breath,Icicle Crash,Bulldoze,Surf-Description:Frost Breath with a sure critical hit,Bulldoze to take down Steel,Rock,and Fire types,and Surf just because,Beartic is a perfect destroyer!Dragon types lurking?He's out there!I encountered him as a Cubchoo,while worrying about getting a Surfing Pokemon in Twist Mountain,and when I encountered it,I had little faith it would be able to learn Surf,and that little faith paid off!

Emboar-Item:Charcoal-Type:Fire/Fighting-Ability:Blaze-Level 40-Moves:Assurance,Arm Thrust,Rollout,Heat Crash-Description:I know what you're thinking,'What the-why'd he choose Tepig?!It's another Fire/Fighting disaster!',well,the answer to your question is I was originally gonna pick Tepig before I saw it's evolutions,and Snivy seemed unoriginal,and I was gonna get an Oshawott from my brother,so,Tepig was chosen.I think it was a great choice now.It's been great against all the gyms,and just generally a great Pokemon to have.

Watchog-Item:None-Type:Normal-Ability:Keen Eye-Level 39-Moves:Hypnosis,Hyper Fang,Crunch,Cut-Description:Since you couldn't catch Pidove until after the first Gym,I caught Patrat for assistance,and I couldn't just leave it in my PC after all the Training I put it through.It's been great with putting Pokemon to sleep,and once Yamask evolves,I think they'll work compatibly in battle.

Simisage-Item:Miracle Seed-Type:Grass-Ability:Gluttony-Level 39-Moves:Leech Seed,Grass Knot,Lick,Bite-Description:Most of my Pokemon were caught earlier on,and Simisage was one of these.I got it as a Pansage outside the Dreamyard from a boy,and it lifted from there.In the third city,I recieved a Leaf Stone,and of course evolved it!I later than replaced Vine Whip with Grass Knot.It's really great with it's Leech Seed move,but I never use Lick and am still awaiting a replacement for it.

Unfezant (Male)-Item:Exp. Share-Type:Normal/Flying-Ability:Big Pecks (xD Still find that Ability funny)-Level 41-Moves:Roost,Fly,Echoed Voice,Razor Wind-Description: Unfezant has been overwhelmingly helpful when it came to battles.I could easily pair it up with Beartic in a Double Battle so Beartic could easily Bulldoze while Unfezant spams Echoed Voice.

And that wraps up my Pokemon Black team!Please rate it!

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Re: My In-Game Pokemon Black Team!

Post by TheSquirtleDude on Mon 14 Mar 2011, 12:04 pm

Hey.... I was here when you posted that Why didnt I see you? D:

If you are looking for a replacement to Lick, try Strength for those pesky bolders?


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