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Pokemon Ombra: Lost Hopes and Dreams

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Pokemon Ombra: Lost Hopes and Dreams

Post by Coolchill214 on Mon 28 Feb 2011, 5:11 pm

Somewhere,northern of the Soleluce Region,a new evil thunders.It is the region of Ombra.A team Known as the Thunder Thieves,otherwise known as Team Thunder,are planning there move after years of preparation.Unaware to almost all,people continue with their normal lives.You are one of these people.
Journey through the Ombra Region,collecting badges,Pokemon,and really just enjoying yourselves!Maybe the opportunity will come your way to discover the evil,and put an end to it!It's your choice!
For,in the Region of Ombra,free is not a lost hope,nor a lost dream.But light is.Maybe you can find hope,and bring out the good in people!Good luck,Trainer!

1. No power-playing or god-modding.Don't ruin the adventure for the other Trainers!
2. Politeness is not a Lost Hope or Dream.It's a rule.
3. Try to keep your grammar and punctuation adequite.If you try your best to keep away from typos,and you wind up with one or two per post,that's fine.
4. A normal Trainer loses sometimes.Don't win every single battle you fight.
5.As for Team Composition,you cannot use a Legendary in battle against another Trainer until you go to the League and compete.You can catch legends only at events or through the Story.Ditto will not be caught until after the League.Zorua and Zoroark will,but you cannot use them in battle until after the League.Same with Phione.You can have a maximum of 3 Shiny Pokemon,but you can only have one Shiny Legendary.Your Starter cannot be Shiny,but a Pokemon bred by your Starter can.You can only have TWO Starters max,but you cannot have a Starter someone else already has.
6. No insanely mad movesets.You must make sure a Pokemon can learn a certain move.Sometimes moves Pokemon can't learn doesn't seem right,it doesn't matter.Make sure your positive about certain moves.One or two mistakes on this rule,that's fine.
7.Follow all the rules here.
8.No flaming,cursing,or spamming.

Don't ruin the Ombra experience by breaking the rules!


Character Name:
Character Gender:
Character's Chosen Starter:
Character's Appearance:
Character's Information (So I can get you a proper Trainer Card):
Love Interest (Optional):

My Form

Character Name: Rye Sunsmith
Character Gender: Male
Character's Chosen Starter: Chikorita
Character's Appearance: Black hoodie,Black hair with bangs dangling in front of Dawn Purple eyes,Yellow shirt underneath Black hoodie,Red sneakers,somewhat torn jeans.
Character's Information (So I can get you a proper Trainer Card): Rye is a Trainer who,having a competitive-motivated ambition,is very passionate about battling and always strives to do his best,win or lose.
Love Interest: (Denied)

Ombra Map

MellowShade Town-Beginner town.Where all great Trainers begin,where lurking shadows begin,MellowShade Town.The Proffessor here is known as Night.He'll test you with a Poochyana once you take your starter,and if you win,give you a Dawn Stone.Leads out to Lake Lerveine.

Lake Lerveine-A lake withholding an eerie past.Trainers can't pass through here without shuddering.On the other hand,Carvanha can be obtained in it's water with a Great Rod,and Sharpedo with a Super Rod.Leads out to Route 701.

Route 701-A route containing all the beginner Pokemon of your dreams!Every regional Flyer,every Pokemon you would normally see at the beginning of a journey!Leads out to MilliCity.

MilliCity-A bustling city filled with a wide array of shopping places,restaurants,a Pokemon Center,and a Gym!The leader here,Stan,uses Normal Types!His Pokemon:Clefa,Tauros,and Pidgey.Leads out to Conquest Forest.

Conquest Forest-A forest known for it's perilous trials and tribulations.Many Bug and Grass Pokemon are found here,along with the occasional flying type.Leads out to Route 702.

Route 702-A small route containing Normal and Fighting Pokemon.Occasionaly trainers.Leads out to Vista Village.

Vista Village-A quaint village on the outskirts of a cave.Tremors scared most villagers away,but some stayed.There is a Fortune Teller here,but it is said that she is under a deep nightmare,and can only be awaken with a special feather.If you can find a way to awaken her,maybe she'll assist you. (Event Alert!)Rock,Physcic,and Dark Pokemon can be spotted here.Leads out to FreeFall Cave.

FreeFall Cave-A cave that earned it's title from the many pits and tremors.Rock and the occasional Steel pokemon can be found here.Leads out to Concave City.

Concave City-Concave meaning "with cave" explains it all.Mining Expeditions are launched,and there's a Rock Gym Leader here,Rusty,the Rock Miner!A man here gives you a Mining kit,and an Old Rod!At the price of 4,000 PokeDollars each!Or you can beat his daughter,Melony!Her Pokemon:Magnemite and Dewott!Gym Leader's Pokemon: Onix,Graveler,and Cranidos!Leads out to Route 703.

Route 703-A long,widing path with a Pokemon Center,and tons of Trainers!The large amount of Trainers scared away most Pokemon,but Grass,Normal,and Flying can occasionaly be found.A house here holds a Trainer who will give you lots of money if you beat him,as well as an Ultra Ball!Rich Boy Evan's Pokemon: Slithereine,Dewott,and Pignite.Leads out to Ombreville.

Ombreville-Encounter Team Thunder,attempting to steal a rare Shiny Umbreon the Gym Leader has!The triple battle grunts' Pokemon: Liepard,Blitzle,and Tranquill.Gym Leader Shade,master of Dark types,and enthusiastic sage of Ombra,will offer knowledge at the victory of him.His Pokemon are extremely strong!Pokemon:Shiny Umbreon,Sneasel,Nuzleaf,Larvitar,and Sandile.Leads out to Route 704

Route 704-A route with an odd sensation of sleep...Dark,Ghost,Physcic,and Poison types can be found here..*snore..*..just don't fall asleep or you'll have terrible nightmares...*zzzz* Leads out to Relecant Ruins.

Relecant Ruins-A man in his house gives you a Great Rod if you defeat him in battle,and a legend of a mysterious Pokemon creating these ruins will undoubtedly lead you to a mystery.Isaac's Pokemon:Krokorok and Scrafty.Leads out to Comblast City.

Comblast City-A city linked with Comblast Forest.It recieved it's title from the rare variety of Combee and Vespiquen around here.There's a bug Museum,plus a Gym!Lee,the Bug Type wizard,will give you some honey to slather on a tree at the victory of her!Her Pokemon:Vespiquen,(Surprise Surprise xD),Ariados,Ledian,and Scizor.Leads out to,you guessed it,Comblast Forest.

Comblast Forest-The only place to catch Vespiquen and Combee as well as some other Bug types!Ow!Oof,and remember to buy some bug bite cream!Ow..Leads out to Sunlogged Town.

Sunlogged Town-The sun never stops blaring..urf!So hot!Tons of Fire Pokemon roaming around here..The sun never stops shining!Encounter..Team Thunder?!Here?!Ember,a Team Thunder Leuitenant (however you spell that xD),claims he'll turn Team Thunder's ambitions around towards Reshiram!His Pokemon:Charmeleon,Combusken,Pignite,and Simisear.After beating him,he flees,he says something about quitting after getting to EmberCross City and seeing Reshiram..Leads out to Magma Cave Exploration.

Magma Cave Exploration- Archaeologists have set up Camp here..ouch!Hot!Burning!I'll just beat the Gym and get the heck out of here!Maya,the fiery Gym Leader/Excavator,has not only a fiery team,but a fiery temper!Her Pokemon: Darmanitan (not Zen Mode),Volcarona,and Charizard.Leads out to Marina Forest.

Marina Forest-A forest with tons of lakes and waterways.Suicune and Celebii are said to live here.Leads out to Marina Bay Study Center.

Marina Bay Study Center-A Study center focused on Water.Whoa!Is that Manaphy!?No,it can't be..well,might as well continue on.(Event Alert!)Leads out to Route 705.

Route 705-A route along the sea shore.Lots of Fisherman gathered around,plus,if you visit a cottage a man will give you a Great Rod if you show him an evolved Water-Type Pokemon!Leads to Marina Bay.

Marina Bay-A city alongside Manaphione Ocean.There's a Gym here,and you can take a boat out to the Manaphione Islands.Aqua,the friendly,cool-headed Water Gym Leader,is quite a challenge!His Pokemon:Swampert,Poliwrath,Dewgong,and Seismitoad.At the defeat of Aqua,he may give you a Super Rod,if you prove yourself worthy by catching a Shiny Magikarp in the Manaphione Ocean!Leads out to Route 706.(Event Alert!)

Manaphione Islands-A group of islands gathered in a circle in the middle of the Manaphione Ocean.

OverBoiled Island-An island that lies close to the water.Magikarp are occasionaly found here.

UnderBoiled Island-An island that is high above the water.

TBE.Sorry for the hold up,I had typed EVERYTHING and then I pressed delete to delete a mistake and it sent me back D; You would think I would have learned my lesson..Well,I'll be starting as soon as I get all the info up ;D (6 Gyms so far)

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Re: Pokemon Ombra: Lost Hopes and Dreams

Post by TheSquirtleDude on Tue 01 Mar 2011, 4:01 pm

Character Name: Squirt
Character Gender: Female... I mean.... Male o3o
Character's Chosen Starter: Squirtle
Character's Appearance:
Like this dude^^ But without the DA on his hat
Character's Information : Squirt is a trainer who shares a great bond with his Pokemon, he is a person who never gives up hope.
Love Interest : Well if someone makes a girl character O:


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Re: Pokemon Ombra: Lost Hopes and Dreams

Post by legolosarrow on Wed 02 Mar 2011, 8:31 pm

Chacter Name:Jake SoulBlade
Chacters choosen starter:Ossawatt
Chacters apperance:(May change)Jake bears a shield,resembling that of captins americas he also boasts a hammer(He jokes its Thor's) as well as other super-hero trinkets.Aside from the trinkets,he wears a white t-shirt that says 'Stand together.Fight strong.Never come undone.' he also has a jet black jacket,and the bluest of blue eyes,also he always bears an expression of either 'ready for action' or just plain cheerful.
Chacters information:He loves superheros(Duh.)and odores pokemon esspecialy Ossawatt,he's wanted one ever since he was Three.He also adores joking around but loves action and the heat of a battle (A real one or a pokemon one,dosent make much 'a diffrence to him).
Love interest:I,uhh........Hey,look over there it's Superman killing all the X-Men while Batman and Hulk ride on a fluffy flying pink unicorn!*Runs*

Animal I have Become-

Private Idaho-

Time of Dying(Known to cure thoughts of Suicide and the emotion of sadness!)-

I Will Not Bow-

Blow Me Away-

End of All Hope-

You're Going Down(One curse word[The song makes you want to pick flowers with your gramdmother])-

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Re: Pokemon Ombra: Lost Hopes and Dreams

Post by TrainerBlake101 on Fri 04 Mar 2011, 12:17 pm

Character Name: Blake Higurashi
Character Gender: Male
Character's Chosen Starter: Mudkip
Character's Appearance: Blake has a Black and White hat (With a black pokeball in the front) Has blue eyes, a white T-shit with a black jackek covering it, blue jeans and black sneakers.
Character's Information: Born: October 18th 1995. New Bark Town. Pokemon Trainer.
Love Interest (Optional): Is in love with his neighbor, Eria. She doesn't notice it. Aswell as blake, she's begining her journey.
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Re: Pokemon Ombra: Lost Hopes and Dreams

Post by Beeto604 on Sat 05 Mar 2011, 8:09 am

I'll Join

Character Name: Cray Sakaru
Character Gender: Male
Character's Chosen Starter: Tepig
Character's Appearance: Cray wear a gray hoodie with the Team Plasma Logo on it. He wears a hat that resembles that of the B/W Male Character, with a bag slung over one shoulder.
Character's Information (So I can get you a proper Trainer Card): He was born in Viridian City, but moved to Castelia City in Unova when he was young. His parents divorced so he had to move to the Ombra Region with his mother.
Love Interest: None ATM

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Re: Pokemon Ombra: Lost Hopes and Dreams

Post by Drago on Wed 09 Mar 2011, 7:54 am

Character Name: Drago Hydrax
Character Gender: Male
Character's Chosen Starter: Treeko
Character's Appearance: Same as most other rps ill copy and paste it later
Character's Information: Drago is a trainer (ill come up with something and post later
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Re: Pokemon Ombra: Lost Hopes and Dreams

Post by TrainerAshley on Sun 20 Mar 2011, 10:57 am

Character Name: Ashley
Character Gender: Female
Character's Chosen Starter: Torchic
Character's Appearance: She wears a dark blue hoodie, tight blue jeans and black sneakers. Also, she has straight long black hair with a side fringe that covers one of her brown eyes.
Character's Information: Might add something later.
Love Interest (Optional): None at the moment

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Re: Pokemon Ombra: Lost Hopes and Dreams

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