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Pokemon: Sacerd Fire

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Pokemon: Sacerd Fire

Post by TrainerBlake101 on Tue 25 Jan 2011, 4:42 pm

Welcome to Pokemon: Sacerd Fire!

You all must be wondering, What the heck is this? Well, I, Blake, Shall be Updating this Topic every Mondays and Fridays. We Post Battles and moments that happend in trainers lifes, When they where begining, and when they where ending there joruny. We accept ideas for our FanFiction, So please send PM's. Thank you.

Iron Island Battle - Squirt (Red) And CoolChill (Rye)
"Hmph, What now?" Rye was looking at the sea from the top of iron island, with his Staraptor
"Defeating the champion is not enough, I need to go higher..."
"Defeated the champion, Eh?" A boy with a red cap was behind Rye
"Who are you?" Rye turned around
"Back in Kanto they call me Red, And i'm the strongest trainer known..." He said, tiping his cap
"Strongest trainer, eh?"
"Word on the street is you defeated the champion, Am i right?" said Red, walking foward
"Indeed. Whats it to you?"
"First time in sinnoh. I wanna see the strengh thats in this region, and since you beat the champion, your the strongest." He said, putting out a pokeball
"You want a match? Forget it.. I don't have time" Rye said to Red, He then turned back
"One Versus One. Your Staraptor versus my pikachu"
"I said, i'm busy" Rye wasn't ready for a battle. He knew it would be tough
"And your the champion? Arn't champions suppost to accept ALL chalanges?" Red looked at Rye.
"Yes, they are, So, I cannot say no." said Rye, calling staraptor to battle
"Shall we begin?"
"Yes. Go, Pikachu!" A pikachu jumped off reds shoulder
"Staraptor, Use close combat!" said Rye
"Jump up, pikachu, and volt tackle it's back!" said red
"STARAPTOR! BRAVE BRID ABOVE YOU!" The two pokemon colided with there best atacks
"Get back, pikachu, and use Iron Tail!" said red
"Staraptor! Watch out!" But it was too late, Pikachu hit staraptor really hard
"The other champion most have been really weak..." said Red
"You haven't seen our true power! Staraptor, Fly into the sky and trap the pikachu in a tornado!" Cried Rye
"Pika?" pikachu was shocked

To be continued
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