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PO - How to be Unbeatable.

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PO - How to be Unbeatable.

Post by TrainerBlake101 on Sat 15 Jan 2011, 8:32 am

Welcome to the school of PO battling!

Alot of us know, The battle simulator, Named Pokemon Online. With a bad team, you'll lose easily. Getting a perfect and balance team is the key to winning.

LESSON ONE: Getting started
First off, You need to make a team. Open PO and click on "TeamBuilder". There should be your name, image, tier, description, Winning message and losing message. Fill them all. You can not connect to any server without a Tier. Next up, We click on "team". This is the main place. Click on the first box with the MissingNo named "Pokemon 1". Under it is a pokemon serch bar. look for a pokemon and double-click it. Lets say you chose a bulbasaur. Next to the bulbasaur image is the stats. Like in Pokemon games, it has EV. You can olny fill up 2 to the max. After you do that, Give your pokemon some moves! The moves can be found under the stats and the pokemon picture. Your pokemon may olny know 4 moves, so choose wisely. The best moves go with what is higher, Atack or Sp. atack. Now, you can give your pokemon a name! (This is not neaded) And for last, Give your pokemon an item. Leftovers are good items, so i recomend them.
Now, After you finished your team, You can save them in the "box". They're safe there. You can name your boxes their to. Now that your ready, save your team, exit, and go on "Go online". Choose a server, and then click on "Find battle". Thats it! Happy Battling, and stay tuned for Lesson 2! Switch out!

LESSON 2: Switch out
When in battle, you want to aviod sereios damage. Try and switching out to a pokemon who will be strong against the atack. For example. You have your flygod vs. A weavile. You can predict it's going to use Ice Punch, and it might KO you because of 4x damage. So, try switching your flygon into a Steel-Type. So after that, you can use a steel type move to make that weavile faint. Also, Try and counter some ground, psycic and fighting moves. If your opponent is going to use psycho cut, you might want to switch to adark pokemon. If the opponents going to use Hi jump kick, switch to a gohst type. The opponent will do damage to himself! If he's going to use earthquake, switch to a flying type! But, if your opponent uses mean look, it's good to have some great speed and high atack or sp. atack. Your pokemon should always have a move that will counter it's weaknesses.
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