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Welcome to The Safari Zone!

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Welcome to The Safari Zone!

Post by Guest on Mon 02 Aug 2010, 8:08 pm

Theatra and I want to extend a hearty welcome to any newcomers to our new forum! Smile And a HUGE thank you to all of our good friends who have helped and supported us through the process of making it. But before you get on with posting, there are a few things you should know:


-This forum is for all ages. Please try not to cuss or post inappropriate things on the forum.

-Please don't spam. Posting silly responses like "idk" really doesn't help anyone.

-Don't flame others. Seriously folks, you don't have to be mean to get your point across.

-This isn't really a rule, but PLEASE check to see if a topic has already been posted before making a new one, and make sure it's in the correct section. The moderators aren't babysitters, after all, and they can't follow you around moving your topics all day. :p

-Don't advertise maliciously! If you've got a website you'd like to share, please just link to it in your signature. ^^ Our members don't want their PM boxes cluttered with spam.

-Be a good sport. If you lose a battle, don't whine about it or flame whoever defeated you. You'll have countless chances to challenge them again!

-Don't scam people out of their Pokemon. If I find out about it, you'll be banned for sure.


-The chatroom is enter at your own risk. :3 (This means you can swear, but don't flame)

-Don't get disgusting. There are no real restrictions on language, but if you start to get gross or downright rude to everyone, you're going to get kicked.

-No flooding, please. You don't need to break up your messages at every word. :p

-Just LISTEN to the mods. If they tell you not to do something, don't do it. They're moderators for a reason.

These are the concrete rules, guys. However, they are subject to change at our discretion.

**If you feel that a moderator is abusing his/her power, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact myself or Squirt and we'll definitely look into it. We want this to be a fun experience for everyone.**


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Re: Welcome to The Safari Zone!

Post by Alowl-Alfur on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 6:27 pm

Thanks for the Rules Puppet.

*Alowl gives Puppet two thumbs up.*

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