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Pokemon: Doom ~prolouge~

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Pokemon: Doom ~prolouge~

Post by legolosarrow on Sat 08 Jan 2011, 9:47 pm

Welcome to the Veloziz Reigon there are pokemon of all sorts here Ranging from Blubasaur to even Genosect! Here is a map to help to help you navigate



Zekramu Town~You're journy begins here they say the legendary pokemon,Zekrom,lives under the streets of this town.

Routes 700-703~A swampy area where there are many young trainers looking for adventure and many grass and water pokemon with the occasional fighting type live here.

Routes 704-705~A windy path with flying pokemon and bird tamers everywhere.They say that Landos Tornelos and Voltolos are involved with the creaton of this route.

Yakwa City~A department store is Located here along with a pokecenter,a pokemart and the first gym,its Dark the leader is Noah his pokemon are:Snezel and Duskull.

Routes 706-708~A broken down old power plant is here most people say its just a couple of electric pokemon here and there with the occasional electrican but some say theres more to it than just that......

Atlantis City~It loos like nothing from above,just an odly placed elevator but if you take the elevator you are taken to the under water town of atlantis on arrival you are given a mask that helps you breathe underwater another pokecenter is located here along with the second gym the type is water the leader is Aquario his pokemon are,Magikarp,Staryu and Oshawott

Routes 709-712~A barren wasteland with little dry hills here and tere many ground and rock pokemon live here.You may also run into the occasional Hiker.

Record Town~A Town addicted to music the a pokemart a pokecenter and the third gym is located here the type is normal the gym leader is "microphone"mike his
pokemon are,Whismur,Zigzagon,Pidgy,and Loudred

Routes 713-717~A very plain route you will find many normal and bug type pokemon here along with the occasinal young boy.There is also a Daycare Center here.

Sarum City~A City bustling with trainers and full of shops here you can take the Never-End challange.There is also a pokemart and a pokecenter located here.

Routes-718-720~A route designed to look like a workout gym you will find many fighting types here and many karate people.They say the creation of this route involves Cobaron Terrakion Virizon and Kerudio.

Myestry forest~A forest surrounded in myestery you will find psycic and bug pokemon here along with psycics and bugcatchers.

Frigaru Town~A town centered around martial arts there is yet another pokecenter here along with fourth gym,the type is fighting the leader is The Karate Queen she uses the pokemon,Carbon,Terrakion,Virizon,Kerudio(note:this is first time fighting once you beat her this time she sends the pokemon roaming in the reigon and then you battle her real team)
here is her real team,Machop,Machoke,Hitmontop,Hitmonlee,Hitmonchan.

Routes 721-722~A route with magma in spots there are many fie pokemon here.

Burn City~The pokemart and pokecenter here have been burnt down because of all the magma but if you look into the ruinsof the pokemart you will find a special suprise also the fith gym is located here the leader Bryan"Bruner"his pokemon are,Cyndaquil,Tepig,Charmeleon,Combusken,and Infernape.

Routes 723-725~A water route with many water type pokmon and swimmers.

Frosslas Mountian~A tall mountian that has many ice type pokemon it is known for it exeptionally strong Frosslas

Icicle Town~A town which is always snowinga pokemart and pokecenter are located here as well as the sixth gym the type is ice the leader is Fred"F-zero"His pokemon are,Weavile,Piloswine,Weavile, and Mamoswine.

Rotes 726-727~A cave like route you can find many dragon pokemon here.

Futrama town~A town that loves videogames and has another pokemart and pokecenter the seventh gym is also located here the type is electric the Leader is Susan"sparks"her pokemon are,Pikachu,Zeburaika,Riachu,Luxaray

Routes 728-730~A route that has a little bit of everything.

Resrima City~A city they say Resiram created another pokecenter is located here along with the eighth gym the type is dragon the leader is Jimmy his pokemon are Dragonair,Dragonair,Dragonite,Dragonite,and they say he has an allience with....Reseram!

Victory Road~Alot like other Victory Roads rocky and dangerous.Out in fronyt of it they have a pokecenter and a pokemart.

Elite Four~Very powerful trainers await here first is Jack he uses water type pokemon his pokemon are,Floatzel,Milotic,Garados,Blastoise,Ludicolo,and Marshstomp Next is Phill he uses dark type pokemon his pokemon are,Weavile,Umboreon,Absol,Drapion,Mightyana,and Honchrcow.Next up is Jane she uses flying pokemon her pokemon are,Swellow,Staraptor,Pidgiot,Noctowl,Kenhorou and Altaria.Next is the foruth elite four William he uses fire pokemon his pokemon are,Charizard,Arcanine,Camerupt,Magmotar,Flareon and Blazeikin.

Champion Hall~A mimi pokecenter and a mini pokemart are located here as does the Champion Eddy he uses mixed types of pokemon his pokemon are,Riachu,Noctowl,Salamance,Lumineon,Baokkie,and Gallade
1.No power playing.
2.No god modding.
3.If you're chacter is inactive for two weeks without reason I or anyone who whises to shall take control of you're chacter.
4.Have fun.

Heres how to sign up(you may have up to two chacters unless i say you can have more),

Love intrest:

Here are my sign ups,

Name:Jack Darklighter
Background:He loves to joke around and is a team player
Apperance:He waers a black jacket and a white t-shirt that says "Owlcity"on it he also wears blue jeans and has brown hair he also has a mischievous gaze.
Love intrest:None at the time.

Name:Jessie Shadowbreath
Background:Jessie's mom was a pokemon ranger and she wants to prove her worth to the pokemon ranger communiy.
Appearance:She wears a white tanktop with a blue skirt she does her white hair like Whitney's.
Love interest: None at the time.

Please sign up!!

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Re: Pokemon: Doom ~prolouge~

Post by Coolchill214 on Tue 11 Jan 2011, 5:04 pm

Name:Rye SoulDeath
Background:Rye was said to have a certain connection to Darkrai...his father was to be the first Dark Gym Leader ever until he died during a battle with Darkrai.
Apperance:Black bangs linger over his pale-white face,he wears Black sunglasses,ripped jeans,and a Black jacket.
Love intrest:...None..

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