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Pokemon: Timely Adventures

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Pokemon: Timely Adventures

Post by Coolchill214 on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 7:02 pm

There is a place in this miraculous world simply named,Ohinnis.Ohinnis,being a region un-explored by any,was one to admire.You are a simple admirer of this land and have accepted the quest to explore,and possibly,discover the true treasure symbolizing happiness!
Here is an informal letter from the PokeExplorers of the World Foundation.

Dear, ________
You have been chosen to embark on a Journey,one of many rewards.You are famous in our eyes.You each have unique niche's which put you over the top to be chosen!
We have scoped the land,and it may be difficult to travel through.But we know you can do it!Ohinnis is an Island,hidden from the world.A private airplane will take you there,and you will be paid with one Master Ball for you to optionally use upon your journey.
There is supposedly an evil force at work there.The Knights of the Round Table.A dastardly group of Pokemon Trainers who are set on destroying Ohinnis.They will use Legendary Pokemon from each terrain to erupt the Volcanoe located there.It will destroy the island.Stop them immediately!Dont let them be successful in there goal!They have hacked into our main computer and Projected Master Balls for themselves.Each Grunt will have one,so be careful!
Now,there is all kind of terrain.Volcanic,Cavernous,Wetlands,Jungles,and any other kinds of terrain.Within those areas you will find Pokemon that are common there.In fact,there is also an Abandoned Mansion,and an Abandoned Electric Warehouse!
Please mail this form to us using the return address scripted onto the envelope.Remember,go to the airport at Sunnyshore City to board the PokeExplorer Express,Gate Number 003.

Party of 5 Pokemon:
Backround Information:
Love Interest:

Sincerely,The PokeExplorers of the World Foundation

Here are my forms:

Name:Rye SoulWind
Party of 5 Pokemon: Weavile (Shadow),Meganium(Rose),Infernape(Blaze),Skarmory(Ace),Crimson (Tauros)
Backround Information:Rye always presses his luck in battles.He's got a get-back-up-and-fight attitude,and is anything but serious.His goal is to become the first Dark Gym Leader,though he fears they may be too high for his hopes.He can seem distant at times,but always gets kicked back into reality.
Appearance: Black bangs covering his Dawn Purple eyes,a devilish grin,sunglasses,and a Crimson Backpack he carries over one shoulder.
Love Interest: Still Looking for one.

Name: Amy DuskRider
Party of 5 Pokemon: Dusknoir (CrossBones),Blaziken (Ember),Electivire (Volt),Pidgeot (Striker),Abomasnow (Frosty)
Backround Information: Amy came from Jubilife City.She was a famed Coordinator,until she fell to a mysterious Coordinator baring a Golduck and Persian.Being a flirtatious type,she falls in love frequently,though she corrected her error and will only show compassion if it's her one true love.
Appearance: A Scarlet bow is elegantly arranged in her Dirty-but gorgeous-Blonde Hair.She wears a Green Mini-Skirt and a Green T-Shirt.One small dash of Dirty Blonde hair forming a bang covers her pretty emerald eyes.
Love Interest: None,but very flirtatious.

Name:Dawn PartingBreeze
Party of 5 Pokemon:Drifblim (Breeze),Spinda (Spiral),Charizard (Carbon),Swellow (Dark Star),Sceptile (Emerald)
Backround Information:Dawn is an ex-Trainer,retired because of her high success through-out the world of battling.She had become bored and now settles to live with her Pokemon and live an average life.Acts like a Tom Boy.
Appearance: Dawn has dark brown hair that comes down to her Sea-Blue eyes.She wears a T-Shirt with a Black Spiral and a Red Base-Ball cap.She wears Blue sneakers,and ripped jeans.
Love Interest: None yet...


1.Let the Owner and Co-Owner do their jobs.Dont waste a post complaining about someone who broke one of these rules,because,you are now breaking a rule as well.Do not use OOC's to report it either,PM me or the Co-Owner.
2. Do not take the RolePlay and lead it into a path of nothingness.
3.No spamming,flooding,and you can only double-post if it's been exactly 26 hours.
4. No powerplaying.Meaning,dont take controll of one another's character without permission.
5.jsbduisajbfkacnbjsifyourreadingthisyouarenotwastingyourtimeputyellowjesterinyourapplicationucbsijsiknbfsijnksvsd (This is an example of spam ;D.Listen to it if there's something important in it though..)
6.No legendary Pokemon.(Zoroark,Zorua,Phione,Rotom,and Ditto are not allowed)
7.No crazy movesets.
8.Have fun.
9. To say something out of character do this,OOC: and dont waste OOC's on un-important stuff.
10.We will be doing paragraph as the format.
11.No more than 3 characters.

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Re: Pokemon: Timely Adventures

Post by Beeto604 on Wed 05 Jan 2011, 6:57 pm


I think I'll add another character later, if that's okay.

Name: Arcane Bigarx
Gender: Male
Party of 5 Pokemon: Arcanine(Blitz) Garchomp (Snatch) Shuckle (Calcium) Ursaring (Clawser) Vigoroth (Wackout)
Backround Information: He was raised in an old abandoned orphanage. He had no one but Snake to accompany him.
Appearance: He wears a headband and carries an over-the-shoulder pack.
Love Interest: A special someone...

Name: Stan "Snake" Nake
Gender: Male
Party of 5 Pokemon: Gengar (Wisp) Electivire (Ray) Aerodactyl (Airraid) Bibarel (Chucker) Hariyama (Slapchop)
Backround Information: His parents thought of him as, well, trash. He then ran away and saw Arcane in an oprhanage. He teamed up with him and now they're inseparable.
Appearance: He has a ratty T-shirt and a Black Jacket. The Jacket says "Aragadna"
Love Interest: None

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Re: Pokemon: Timely Adventures

Post by legolosarrow on Wed 05 Jan 2011, 8:32 pm

Name:Logan Darklighter
Team of five pkmn:empoleon,swellow,donphan,pikachu,eevee
background info:Logan has a past surrounded by myestery even he dosent know what happend in his past but he loves to make jokes and adores pokemon
apperance:most of the time he has a bright smile,blue eyes and he wearsa black hat backwards with brown hair coming out a little at the tip of the hat he also wears a blue t-shirt that says owl city and a green jacket he also wears blue jeans and wears an over the shoulder backback
love intrest:amy duskrider

Name:Jack tusonico
team of five pokemon:chatot(parrot),haunter(smuggle),luxary(gold),magnazone(silver),riolu(lookout)
Background info:Once was a pirate but was kicked off the ship and stayed in a orphanage until he broke out and took out on a quest to find his old pirate ship
apperance:he wears a captins hat with a blose looking thing with brown rags tied around it he also wears ratty black jeans
love interest:Dawn partingbreeze

im going to edit to create another chacter,ok?

Animal I have Become-

Private Idaho-

Time of Dying(Known to cure thoughts of Suicide and the emotion of sadness!)-

I Will Not Bow-

Blow Me Away-

End of All Hope-

You're Going Down(One curse word[The song makes you want to pick flowers with your gramdmother])-

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Re: Pokemon: Timely Adventures

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