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Pokemon-True Destiny

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Pokemon-True Destiny

Post by Coolchill214 on Wed 29 Dec 2010, 1:47 pm

Welcome TSZ!Myself,Blake,and Disco decided to form a Roleplay that will trump all other Roleplays.It takes place in the Ohtohj Region,an area unknown to many.It is seperated into three areas each known for one specific Destiny.

The Battling Zone!

Takashi,Japanese for Destiny,is the Section dedicated to Battling.There are Gyms and a Powerful Elite Four here.There's even a Battle Frontier that is under construction and will be expected to open after the current League of the season!Many secrets wait,as well as Destiny..

Trainers So Far (Only Accepting Three in Total)-



(Will edit in)

Where Beauty Replaces Destiny!

Korosanti,Japanese for Beauty,is the Section dedicated to Contests.There are elegant Contests taking place year-round,and the Grand Festival,to end the Contest season off!


Aroma Town-Starter Town.Home to Proffessor Nemi's Laboratory,where you recieve your Pokemon!

SubRoyal City-After the original Royal City was destroyed during a blistering tornado,it was turned from a glorious Medieval themed City,to a modern city.The evil Team,the Invaders of the Round Table,have set up one of their many bases here.It resembles a Medieval castle,and the evil boss,Maleficent,has left several Knaves (What they call Grunts) and one Knight (What they call Co-Leaders) who wear Knight armor.The knight's name is Midas and carries a Golduck and a Persian.Once you defeat him,turn off the Tower and become one step closer to defeating them once and for all!Sign-Ups for an upcoming Contest in ParaBeauty City.

Straggler Forest- The Forest floor is coated in a slimy honey-like substance.It slows you down,thus the name Straggler Forest.Vespiquen can occasionally be found here.

Aphrodite Temples-Located in Straggler Forest hidden.You must carry a special ribbon to enter.(Event Ribbon)

Thats all for now,folks!

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Re: Pokemon-True Destiny

Post by legolosarrow on Thu 30 Dec 2010, 6:19 pm

can i join?

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Re: Pokemon-True Destiny

Post by Beeto604 on Sat 01 Jan 2011, 8:25 am

ill join if i can

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Re: Pokemon-True Destiny

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