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Post by legolosarrow on Sun 26 Dec 2010, 10:22 am

Many years ago the world of every thing and everyone lived in peace and harmony then came the trgate the only way to get to the trgara demension.Out of that portal came the beast.He began turning people into nothings,humans who had their souls,organs and blood sucked out of them.Queen angel with her great control over one of the two greater elements,light attempted to stop him,but,alas the beast easiealy defeated her with his control over darkness the second greater element.The beast then created Nothing a land where night never seemed to end,nor did the storms and the drearyness.Now The beast is rising his armies and you must stop him there will be many friends and enimies along the way.
Now this rp may be a bit violent allright here are the rules,
1.No speed playing(example:in one post,i ran and beat the beast the end)
2. No controlling somones chacter without permission
3.No flaming
4.No trolling
5.Have fun
Now heres the forum(you can have as many chacters as you want),
Element you control(can not be dark or light and you can have two elements):
Helper(can be armor lock,jetpack or hologram):
Now here are my sign ups,
Name:Logan Darklighter
Element you control:Fire and water
Background:Logan loves to joke and aspires to be a comedin he is very skilld with a sword and bow and arrow but a lousy shot with any type of gun.He is best friends with Shade Rogo and has a crush on cora zekro

helper:Jet pack
Name:Shade Rogo
Element you control:lightning and earth
Background:A no nonsense guy although he gets along with Logan just fine he aspires to be in queen angels army one day he is very skilled with a ray gun and plasma knife.
Name:Cora Zekro
Element you control:Wind and grass
Background:A go lucky girl who likes to joke around she aspires to become a vetrenarien one day because she is good with animals her white kitten,light almost never leaves her
Helper:Armor lock
Please sign up for the rp and hope you enjoy

Animal I have Become-

Private Idaho-

Time of Dying(Known to cure thoughts of Suicide and the emotion of sadness!)-

I Will Not Bow-

Blow Me Away-

End of All Hope-

You're Going Down(One curse word[The song makes you want to pick flowers with your gramdmother])-

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Re: Nothing....

Post by Coolchill214 on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:31 pm

Name:Rye SoulDemon
Age:16 (and three quarters..)
Element you control(can not be dark or light and you can have two elements): Ice..and..Wind..
Backround:Rye SoulDemon.Betrayed among most of the people he trusted,he froze himself away from civilization.Literally.Now,as the Beast rises,Rye finds the time he's right for.He hadn't aged since being frozen,so he was still the age he was a long time ago.
Helper: None

Name: Dawn SunStriker
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Element you control(can not be dark or light and you can have two elements): Fire and Earth
Backround:Dawn SunStriker lived peacefully until the beast arose.As she watched her beloveds die,she hid herself.She formed a cave using her powers,and sealed it off.She hid safely,until the day she decided to take a stand. (Love Interest: Shade Rogo)
Helper: None.

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