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Pokemon: The Portal of Transformation

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Pokemon: The Portal of Transformation

Post by Coolchill214 on Wed 22 Dec 2010, 6:47 pm





Whoa..what's this dizziness I feel..

I had felt a strange emotion wash over wait..something was literally washing over me!I awoke on a beach,the waves gently lapping over my yellow body-wait-yellow body!The last I remembered I was told to play a Ukelele Concert over at Transwitch Village..I showed up..noone was there,and then I blacked out..I still have my Ukelele..but what about my real body?


What the..why do I feel so dizzy?

I felt a strange emotion seeping into my skin like a wait..that is a breath!I awoke with a Houndoom observing me,it's eyes wary.I must have fainted while I was carrying a package of highly electric censors..wait..I must have been shocked and then I fainted!Wait,where's my sister,she was carrying some too,and now she's gone!Wait-I feel a small figure next to that a Minun?


Why..huh..oh..the dizziness..

I had felt a block of heavy emotions next to me,rubbing wait-that was something really rubbing me!I awoke with a Plusle nudging on me.The Plusle pointed at the Houndoom,and I held back a cry.That thing looked deadly.I stood,and fear struck me.I was only as tall as the Plusle!I remember,I had been carrying highly electric censors with my sister towards the electric company..and now,in place of my sister,I find a Plusle.Im the same height as the Plusle,and the batteries are nowhere to be found..this is odd..but,my question was,what happened to me?


Urf..I feel like rubbing my head...

I felt a chill of fear seep into my body,no wait-that was an air-conditioner!I awoke upon a green sonar map.A female human was looking at me and gushing at how cute I was.She must have been a flirter or wait-as I stood,I realized I only came up halfway to her knee cap.Something was definetely wrong.And then I heard the voice,a tough grudgy voice saying,"Summer,you would like this Starly to be your Partner?" And then I blacked out with one question at mind,was I the Starly they were talking about?


I made their introductions similar,just for you to get the feeling of how this Fanfiction will be like.Surprise will await,in this original storyline mixed with some PMD and Pokemon Ranger conflict..

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