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Pokemon:The epic quest(open and ready for rp'rs!!!)

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Pokemon:The epic quest(open and ready for rp'rs!!!)

Post by legolosarrow on Fri 10 Dec 2010, 10:36 pm

Hello rp'rs it Lego here with my BIGGEST BEST rp yet!In the pokemon world a whole new reigion is open and ready for battlers.Plus,you can vist all you're old favorite reigons like,Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,Sinnoh,Isshu,and Kerro
Alright heres the plot,You are a young trainer who thinks he/she is destined to the be the pokemon champion of the entire world!So here are the new reigons,
The Mystery reigon:A reigon hidden in the clouds(litterally) many legends and rumors surround here.
the cites and routes of the mystery reigon(all towns and citys have pokecenters not including Zango City):
Zango City:You're starting city(If you're from Mystery)you recive you're starter here from Prof.Yuzzamaki
Routes 600-604:A grassy path full of Pokemon and young trainers ready for battle many grass pokemon live here as well as Rock types if you search the "Myesterious Cave".
Myesterious Cave;A cave no one knows anything about
kuza town: there is a pokemart located here as well as the first gym it is electric type the leader is zack his pokemon are,pachirisu,pichu,and pikachu
routes 605-610: a dry desert path many ground and rock pokemon lurk here and a couple of mountian climbers
quake city:the second gym is located here the leader is jared the type is ground his pokemon are,sandshrew,hippopatas,and gravler
route 611-620:a road with lots of fog and water many flying and water type pokemon make thier residince here there are also a few trainers here and there
macy city:the shopping center of all of mestery.
routes 621-626:there is hot lava and magma here the only trainers you'll see here are the will find fire and dragon pokemon here
sasaru city:home of the third gym the type is dragon the leader is cole his pokemon are:dratini,dratini and dragonair
routes 626-632:a grassy route with a few electricains here and there many electric type pokemon live here
garo town:another pokemart is here and yet another gym is here the leader is noah the type is flying his pokemon are mapeto,pidgy,staravia,staraptor
route 633-640: a dark path that seems to haunt you many dark ghost and posin pokemon are here
peza city:the peza gym is located here the type is fire the leader is mary her pokemon are:magmar,charmelon and quilava
route 641-(once you beat all the gyms and become a master the ??? route opens here the champions leauge is held here)647:a forest route with many bug and grass type pokemon here and a lot of bug catchers
susuya city:the susuya gym is located here the type is water the leader is nomi he has starmi,wartortle and daikenki
mt.pokemon:(after you beat all the gyms in mestery portals open up here that allow you to go to any reigon.) a moutian that has every type of pokemon there is(eccept legendarys)
imako town:there is another gym here and another pokemon mart.the gyms type is normal and the leader is zoey her pokemon are,biberil,purugly,purugly evee,rattacate
route648-654:avery industrious route many rock ground and stell type pokemon live here and quite a few miners too
ringo city:home of the eighth gym the type is ghost the leader is blakore his pokemon are ghastly,hauter,gengar,duskskull,duskclops,and dusknior
thats it for the myestry reigon

Now here are the rules, controling another persons chacter without their perrmission godmodding speedplaying for example i beat brock walked to curelean city beat misty bla bla bla i got all the badges,in one post
4.HAVE FUN(note:this is the most enforced rule of all)
now,heres the forum,
starter(can be a starter from any reigon including pikachu and eevee):
starting reigon
now heres my sign up,
name:logan darklighter
background:he likes to kid around alot but when it comes to battleing he's serious and is the creator of the 'shut up' jokes (example(in class they were advertising for bank atlantic and had to make a slogan)logan says"how about,we didnt have time to make a slogan so shut up and come to bank atlantic")
starting reigon:myestery
notes about rp:
(you may have up to three chacters unless i say you can have more)
(the other reigon is not open yet although the rp still will go on)

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