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Pokemon Legends

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Pokemon Legends

Post by TrainerBlake101 on Sun 05 Dec 2010, 10:54 am

Today, i have started pokemon lengends, every 2 days i update this with more.. I hope you like, These are to make people more worthy of themselves... I don't know..


Hello, my names Drake, i live in a region called keero, Its close to the orre region. I go to a highschool in chaotic city, But, my life isnt that fun... My mom died in a car accident when i was just two years old, after that, my dad started drinking alot. Im afraid to go home, so i stay in highschool with my friends Manectric and mightyana. This is my life... a life of a Poke-highschool...

I was walking today to school with manectric and mightyana..
"Hm?" I heard leafs being crushed by footsteps, I looked around and saw my friend Haru. He was born in icetooth city, He moved to chaotic city when his dad died on the seas... but thats another story
"Hey drake!" Haru waved his hand with a grin on his face..

To be continued...
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