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Pokemon Unleashed

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Pokemon Unleashed

Post by Coolchill214 on Sun 05 Dec 2010, 10:41 am

DISCLAIMER: This plot was not invented by me,but it is not trademarked-so..


A crisp Autumn wind would have lifted anyone..except the boy who had been rejected by his own friend.
The boy bent over in had hurt not just in his heart..but in his back from being rejected.
"Urf..."He muttered,rubbing his bare skin,where a soft patch of shirt would have been if he hadnt been attacked by his friend's Magmar.
"Your a freak!Your life is a lie!" Was the last thing he had heard before getting burned by Magmar.Now,as tears curled at the tips of his eyes,he thought of his family,how he was orphaned and how he hid his un-normal non-human traits.He blinked them away and rubbed his back.He couldn't help it if he wasn't really human..well half human..but..why?Why couldn't his friend understand him,instead of neglect him?
He was half human,half Pichu.He couldn't help it that he suffered the wrath of a part of the Chaotic Core.This was all thanks to Cora.Cora,leader of the army Pokemon Unleashed.Cora had mutated himself with the legendary Deoxys,hoping to seek great power and reach his destiny of world domination.Deoxys,furious with Cora for stealing it's power,destroyed the power of the Chaotic Core,the invention that merges People with Pokemon,and scattered the parts all over the world.
He had stumbled upon a piece two years ago.The piece must have encountered a Pichu and absorbed it's data,for it mutated him with it.Now,the crumbled Alec observed a pile of trash wearily.
"There must be a way to reverse this..if I just find a piece of the Chaotic Core.."Alec then heard a soft tune...he began to drift asleep..and a figure stole a piece of the Chaotic Core that had been hidden in the trash and ran away...only to leave Alec snoring,sound asleep.

Hope you enjoyed it,more to come!

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