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the futre of the the heros

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the futre of the the heros

Post by legolosarrow on Sat 27 Nov 2010, 10:56 am

chapter1:wolverine sat by a window in the x-mansion tears streaming from his eyes.he was the only x-man left.the only one to fight the children of saber tooth,magneto,mysteek and who knows how many more!wolverine heard a knocking at the x-manion door.wolverine sniffled and wiped the tears from his face as he limped to the door.he opened it and saw a women carrying a mans body.the women wore a ruby red dress and the man wore a tuxedo then wolverine noticed a blotch of blood right where the mans heart was he also noticed claw like marks on the mans chest.wolverine muttred"wolf tooth(saber tooths son)" then said"get him inside and were you being followed" the women nodded and dragged the man inside.wolverine stepped out of the mansion and shut the door behind him."i know you're there wolf tooth"wolverine answer.he tried again"here wolf tooth wolf tooth here wolf tooth wolf tooth."this time a figure jumped from the woods and attacked wolverine by inlecting its claws into him.wolverine elbowed him off and chuckled"is that the best you can do bub"wolverine said then the figure(wolf tooth)pounced on wolverine and wolverine just barely caught him and said"i really really hate getting attacked by my own nepew" then he threw wolf tooth quite a distance and said"dont come back "with that wolverine marched back to the x-mansion.
chapter2:wolverine pushed open the door to the x-mansion and saw the women was crying over the man that looked close to death.wolverine walked over to the women and said quietly"step aside".the women looked at wolverine fear in her eyes but,she stepped away.since wolverine had the ability to breifly give his powers to another so he gave his healing ability to the man.his wound was actually minor the man was allright but the minute he saw wolverines face through the ruby red glasses he was wearing he yelled"barrbra get back"the women who seemed to be named barrbra rushed behind the man and the man lifted his glasses and a beam of red light shot out from his if seeing this coming wolverine extended his claws and rolled to dodge the beam and pounced onto the mans chest whos glasses fell back on,on impact.wolverine pointed his shineing adamantium claws at the mans throat and asked "who are you"the man replied"jack summers".
chapter3:wolverine retracted his claws and helped the man up and said"are you in any way related to scott summers of the X-men""he was my grandpa"jack replied truthfully.then wolverine told barrbra and jack to come with him.they followed wolverine to a room filled with pods that had.....children in them!"who.......who are these people"barrbra fearfully."children of super heros and mutants".wolverine replied."since jack here came along i think its the time for......operation X"wolverine said.jack shot wolverine a look like,are-you-insane?barrbra looked back and forth from wolverine to jack and askled"whats operation X?"jack looked at barrbra serioulsly and said"when the x-men started they had a meeting of all the superheros even those from the universe we call DC came.they aggrred that once thier children discoverd thier powers they were to be sent into stasis to protect them.and they made yet another aggrement.when the world needs superheros most to unleash the children for an all out war thats operation X.but my grandfather broke that rule and thats why i stand before you today"barrbra noded and jack looked over at wolverine and said"do it."wolverine pulled a lever and.....
chapter4:(this chapter is simply a list of all the children)spiderkid(son of spiderman),spidergirl(daughter of spiderman),black storm(son of black panther and storm),frezze cat(daughter of iceman and shadowcat),kid flash(son of flash),supergirl(daughter of superman) theresa(daughter of thor),miss america(daughter of captin america)atom kid(son of atom man and wasp)lady fantastic(daughter of mr.fantastic and mrs.fantastic)gamble(daughter of gambit and rouge)green hunter(son of green arrow and huntress),green huntress(daughter of greenarrow and huntress),sak'ar(son of the incredible hulk),wonder hawk(son of hawk eye and wonder women),ms.martian(daughter of the martian man hunter),aqua lad(son of aqua man)blackbat(son of black canary and batman)Jonah Hex Jr."likes to be callled hex jonah or jonah hex"(son of jonah hex)
Chapter5:All the children fell out of thier pods hitting the floor with no wounds they all awoke dazed and confused.Supergirl flew up and shouted "who is in charge here!""I am" wolverine yelled,extending his claws."why are we all here"supergirl asked"get on the ground and ill tell you"wolverine shouted supergirl said"and let you possibly tear me to bits?i think not""jack ground her"wolverine said jack shot his beam,knocking super girl down."you are all here because you are children of super heros"wolverine declared."ya,you think we havent figured that out yet" wonder hawk said,notching one of his arrows.Wolverine glared at wonder hawk and continued"we have awakend you because of a rising threat....Villans" "Didnt all those fella's die back in the superhero/villan war"Jonah hex junior said,looking around.Wolverine said "familierize you're selves with each other,you will be divided into teams shortly"

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