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hogwarts school of witchcraft and pokemon

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hogwarts school of witchcraft and pokemon

Post by legolosarrow on Wed 24 Nov 2010, 9:47 am

you recive a letter looking much like this:hello (name) you have been specialy selected to join hwsowap i know you do not know what that means but you must find out go to pokecenter nine and threequarters......from:ash dumbldore
odd letter isint it now here are the teachers you may take places as if you want to be one just ask(lego=legolosarrow and sctb=spot currently taken by)
ash dumbledore:sctb lego
prof.mcmgonagol(teacher of water,fire and grass pokemon training)sctb lego
prof.flitwick(teacher of rock,steel,ground pokemon training)sctb:lego
dr.hogan(teaches breeding on all pokemon)sctb:lego
prof.iceheart(teaches the training of ice,dragon and flying pokemon)sctb:lego
dr.mysterio(teaches ghost,posin,and dark pokemon training)sctb:lego normal,and fighting pokemon training)sctb:lego
pror.random(teaches electric,bug and psycic pokemon training)sctb:lego
rules:(there are a couple rules you know) trolling flaming curseing not control another persons chacter unless they give you perrmission
5.have fun
now,heres how you sign up
starter:(can be any basic pokemon that isn't legandary)piplup(will get when you get to hogwarts)
background:a go lucky guy with a good sense of humor always a team player
team:(choose if you want to be chosen by starter or background)background
hope you sign up!

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