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Pokemon Chaos-The FanFiction!

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Pokemon Chaos-The FanFiction!

Post by Coolchill214 on Mon 22 Nov 2010, 5:15 pm

Blue=Blake's Story

Black=Rye's Story

~Requests for being in the FanFic are allowed,though I'm only putting two more in.~

Sun flashed in the sunglasses of one Blake,who was just starting his own adventure.A Mudkip at his side,he was ready for anything,anything at all.Except a Legendary Pokemon battle.
He was strolling along,wondering when to head off and away from WindWave Town when he encountered the Legendary Pokemon,Rayquaza.Confused at this,as he thought Rayquaza was only indigidous to Hoenn,he took it as a challenge.
"Mudkip,show 'em your Water Gun!"The Water Gun pushed Rayquaza back,though it didn't make an impact on his damage level.
Rayquaza attacked fiercely as the battle continued..

That's all for now,gotta work on my 'science project'.

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