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Game Guide

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Game Guide

Post by Theatra on Tue 10 Aug 2010, 2:02 am

Games will be held in this section and as such expect so see a lot coming and going, feel free to participate in any of the games! Also, if you have an idea for a game that you want people to play, again feel free to start it up and have fun. The Admins and mods will be around to see if the games would deserve some points for the winners, and when they do they will edit the game to say that is has been verified and how many points it will be worth for a given number of winners.

To those of you making a game:

*Try to avoid impossible games, but everyone can enjoy a challenge every now and then.

*Do not be biased to your winners, let everyone have a fair shot, if you're biased, chances are no one will get any points.

*In your first post please post the rules to the game, the goal of the game, and how to win the game.

*If you want to be verified for points: Leave a part in your first post, toward the bottom saying that you would like to be verified. One of the staff will come by and edit the post to say if you've been verified or not there.

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Re: Game Guide

Post by DaPokeMaster on Fri 13 Aug 2010, 7:32 pm

Thanks for the guide Theatra!
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