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Melody of the Sea

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Melody of the Sea

Post by Coolchill214 on Sun 10 Oct 2010, 5:33 pm

A salty ocean spray blew across Shamouti Island. The sound of gentle waves lapped across the wonderous area. An upward breeze lifted the bright auburn-shaded hair of a young girl. She was alongside a stunned boy,whom she had just surprised with a "traditional welcoming kiss".
Another girl stood,in silenced anger.'A Pokemon Trainer,huh?Good enough for me..' The female thought angrily.This girl had nerves.
"Are you his girlfriend?" The girl asked curiosly,noticing the jealous aura she was giving off.
"Blech,I'm Misty,the Cerulean City Gym Leader." Misty replied,and then she muttered: "I would never be his girlfriend.."
"I would." The girl replied happily."My name's Melody." She threw her hand out to the boy,smiling.
"Ash.." The boy replied dazily.
Melody smiled.Maybe the island tourists weren't so bad....
"So Ash,come down to tonight's show,kay?"
"Uhh,errr sure..Melody.." Ash replied,though a ferocious blush was blooming on his face.
"Urg.." Misty muttered breathlessly.Ash was really falling for this girl..
"And Misty.Try not to get jealous,oka?" Melody snickered,before leaving their sides.
"What's her problem?" Misty growled,her face burning from anger.Both her companions didn't reply,nor seem to notice Misty.Her male companion,Brock,was bolting towards the Pokemon Centers anxiously.
"I hear the Nurse Joy's here wear bikini's!" He cried,before entering the center.
Ash was standing silently,wearing a slight smile.
"Ugh,boys..." Misty muttered,before angrily stomping away.

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