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Pearlshipping~ The belief that Dawn from the anime and Ash were meant to be.

Chapter One
A shining sun lit up the wonderful town of Pallet.Being his boyfriend's hometown,Dawn couldnt help to smile.It was such a lovely town.So many unique Pokemon,and the houses looked perfect in rows.
After a crushing defeat in the Sinnoh League,Ash had decided to visit his hometown,and in the proccess,Dawn and Ash ended up together.Dawn had left Ash after the Sinnoh League,but they re-met at the entrance to Pallet Town,where Dawn was going to start a new journey.
Trouble always seemed to find the two,and after a dashing rescue from Ash,Dawn fell for him.Parrently,Ash had felt the same way,and the two had decided they would make it official.
Ash's mother wasn't surprised.Dawn was a beautiful girl with a sense of humor,and a great attitude.Delia was more than pleased to see the two were together.
They had decided to have a short practice battle,to test Dawn's new Pokemon out.
"Bulbasaur,Vine Whip!" Dawn commanded.She had decided to take her scarf and vest off,leaving her with a Blue Shirt,a Mini Skirt,and her Pink Go-Go Boots.Even with Dawn's beauty,Ash wasnt going easy.
"Pikachu,ThunderShock!" The two attacks collided in the air,and Bulbasaur was able to knock Pikachu aside.Though,as a result of the ThunderShock,Bulbasaur became paralyzed.
"Bulba.." In moaned in painful agony.The paralysis was critical.
"Pika!" Pikachu stood,as if it hadnt been hit.There was a red tentacle-like mark etched on it's face,obviously a result of the Vine Whip,but it seemed as healthy as ever.
"Bulbasaur,Tackle!" Dawn commanded,not giving up the least bit.Ash was an amazingly good battler,but that wasnt going to make her lose hope.
"Iron Tail!" Ash shot back.He had taken his coat off,and exhanged his jeans for shorts,so he looked extremely different as well.
The attacks were both physical,thus resulting in a mid-air collision.Smoke surrounded the two Pokemon,and as the smoke cleared up,both Trainers were shocked.Both were standing,damaged intensively,but still standing.
Ash gave Dawn a tiny glance and sighed.He couldn't do any more damage to her Pokemon."Pikachu,come here,buddy."
Pikachu made it's way to Ash without the slightest hesitation.It needed a rest.
Dawn gave Ash a strange,"Why'd you go easy on me?" look,and returned her Pokemon into it's Pokeball.
Both trainers were flushed,and Ash was 99 percent sure Dawn didnt realize the blush that he felt burning on his face.

I am starting to name chapters.Now.
Call of the Storm
A gust of wind sent the windmills spinning.Ash and Dawn had washed up after their intense battle,while Pikachu and Bulbasaur rested at the Pokemon Center.
"I hope Pikachu and Bulbasaur are were good out there." Ash commented,rubbing a wet towel across his face.
"Thanks.That leads me to a question.Why did you call Pikachu back?" Dawn's look of concern,lead Ash to the following action.
"Both were damaged wouldn't have been the best impression on your new starter after you forced it to battle so hard.."
"Oh.." Dawn blushed.She hadn't realized she was pushing her Pokemon to their limits.She was glad she had Ash to fall back on.
" I betcha I can beat ya in a race to the Pokemon Center..last one to make it has to pay for dinner." Ash recklessly challenged his girlfriend,unaware of how fast Dawn can go when food was on the line.
Ash huffed as he took a glance at the bill.He was disgruntled that he lost,especially when food was on the line.
"Pip!Pipluuuup!"Piplup nibbled at the delicacy laid out in front of him.
"Pi,Pikachu." Pikachu solemnly took several bites,though it was still exhausted from the threatening battle.
"We should probably head's getting late." Ash sighed,sliding the bill to the front of the table and standing.
Lightning thundered outside,and a gentle drizzle tapped the window outside.
Dawn stood,relaxed from the refreshing meal,and replied,"We should probably rent a room in the Pokemon looks bad out."
Ash blushed.The idea of him and Dawn sharing their own personal room seemed great,but he felt embaressed at the same time.
"One room,please."
"Ok.You're room, 3 on the 4th floor.It's a very nice honeymoon room." Nurse Joy smiled.
Ash's blush grew wider.
"Here's the room key,and some complimentary Pokemon Food and Snacks." Nurse Joy handed Ash the items,and whispered into his ear,"That room has only one bed,so you may have to come to a compromise." She winked at him,and beckoned the next guest to step up.
This was going to be one long night.

Flaming Competition
Ash stirred around on the floor.Dawn had smirked with glee that she had made it to the room first,gaining the bed to herself.
Ash demanded for a fair shair,but Dawn just snickered."Wanna sleep in the bed with me?Well..."
A ferocious blush had blossomed on his face,and the disgruntled Ash was left with the hard wood floor.
Ash sat up,rubbed his head,and peered out the window.A fog had settled around the outside of the Pokemon Center,and not even the light of a passing by car could be seen.
"Cyndaquil, FlameThrower!" A voice cried,and a powerful Flame storm cleared the fog.It was Dawn.
"Wow..determination." Ash muttered,and smiled at his sleeping companion.
"Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!" The two attacks collided,and Dawn quickly finished the performance off with,"Now,Bulbasaur,Take Down!"
Bulbasaur ended the FlameThrower,and the leaves from the Razor Leaf were a fresh,crisp,Autumn color.It would have been a good performance,though Bulbasaur took some damage,and the leaves were just lying there.
Ash stepped outside into the dense fog."Good job,Dawn.Just need a little more practice."
" Thanks,but who are you to critique?I've never seen you put up a dazzling show in a Contest."
"I could do it,anywhere,anytime." Ash shot back,realizing this was turning into another lovey argument,where they both became competitive,but in the end,were really just passionate for each other.
Dawn smirked.Ash knew she had realized too." Celadon City is going to have one,in the next three weeks.That leaves time for traveling,and practicing."
"Fine.We'll have to pack up,and I'll have to choose a party perfect for the mission."
"Pikachu,I need your advice" Ash consulted Pikachu.
"Who should I take with us on the road to Celadon..?"
"Pika.." Pikachu sighed,all of Ash's Pokemon were great friends with himself,though Bayleef was always attempting to catch Ash's attention.
"I know Im bringing Staraptor,Togekiss would have another Air-Battler around,and it might help me in the battling stage."
Donphan rolled up to Ash,and grinned wide.
"Heh,Donphan,you're in."
Ash gazed over at Glalie and remembered the astounding performances by Buneary and Mamoswine with Ice Attacks."Glalie,you're in too."
"Buizel would be a great Pokemon for the Battling Stage." Ash recalled aloud,and returned it to it's Pokeball.
"Sceptile is pretty fast and swift,it may be a good addition.."
"And I'll take Charizard too.Just got to get him through PC from Charizific Valley."
"Who should I leave?Cyndaquil,you and Bulbasaur work together well..Piplup,you'll never leave my team..Mamoswine,Im afraid that you'll be staying."
Mamoswine sighed,and went off to enjoy some luxuruy.Maybe three weeks wouldnt be too bad.

Unfolding Adventures


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