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Welcome to the art section!

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Welcome to the art section!

Post by Smeargle on Mon 09 Aug 2010, 5:56 pm

Hello there and welcome to the art section. Here people can post their Pokemon banners, avatars, signatures Etc.


1. Please give tips to others on things they can work better on and why you did and didn't like about their art.

2. NO TRASHING PEOPLES ART. Please when reviewing someones art be positive don't say, "You suck thats horrible!"
or any for of hate towards someones art.

3. Please don't steal peoples art, If you would like to post someones art please give them the respective credit, If someone helped you make it or if you helped someone make it please mention them too.

4.Please give a fair reason why you do and don't like someones art.

5. Be Polite in the forums, please don't argue, and have fun rating!
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