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Battle Clauses

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Battle Clauses Empty Battle Clauses

Post by Guest on Sun 29 Aug 2010, 10:28 pm

Main Clauses

These clauses are the main clauses used in battles, When a member says all clauses apply they will most likely mean major clauses.

Uber Clause: This clause is ALWAYS in play unless you're having an Uber battle; this clause takes away the use of Ubers.

Species Clause:
Either player may not use more then one of the same Pokemon. For example, two or more Brelooms would be illegal if this clause is in play.

Explosion Clause:
Moves such as Explosion and Selfdestruct cannot be used if you're both down to your last Pokemon.

Sleep Clause :
No more than one Pokemon can be asleep on both sides at the same time. Moves such as rest that self-induce sleep do not count.

Evasion clause:
Moves that raise evasiveness cannot be used. These are moves like Double Team and Minimize. Items and abilities that raise evasiveness can still be used such as Sand Veil and Brightpowder.

OHKO Clause:
Moves that cause a OHKO cannot be used. Some moves are Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold.

Destiny Bond/Perish Song Clause:
The moves Destiny Bond and Perish Song cannot be used on your opponent's last Pokemon.


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