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The Collision

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The Collision

Post by Coolchill214 on Mon 16 Aug 2010, 9:38 am

After a universe hidden by the shadows collided with Earth,many people disapeared.Only gifted people could really understand what was happening to these people.If you are reading this,that means you are one too.Beware,as your lives may be put on risk on this mission.Meet me in Rome,the only place you are safe.I will explain our mission as soon as everyone is in Rome safely.
I would like to know a little bit about you though.Please fill this out (You are allowed to have two characters):
Color Eyes:
Location right now:
Love Interest:
Your Skills and Talents:
Here are the sign-ups so far:

Name:Noah SoulCaster
Age:I am immortal,I do not age.
Color Eyes:Dawn Purple
Location right now:I travel with the sanctuary.
Love Interest:I appear in many forms that have different thoughts of Romance.
Skills and Talents:Combat Magic,Elemental Magic,Spiritual Magic,Enchantments.

Name:Mindy SkullBasher
Age:Dont you know it's rude to ask a women's age?
Color Eyes:Blood Red
Location right now:Wherever I can fit some action in.
Love Interest:I havent met many real humans.
Skills and Talents:Combat,Creating Armor and Weapons,Slaying anything that annoys me (that's right you better be careful around me).

For now,good luck getting to Rome safely.Do not trust anyone,not even me,or the ones you meet as you continue your journey to Rome.Your skills will be put to the test,as well as your bravery.Make sure to bring an item that will defend you if anyone,or anything tries to harm you.My name will not be known.You will know me once you see me.Good Luck on your trip to Rome.

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Re: The Collision

Post by Drago on Sun 05 Sep 2010, 7:31 am

Name:Drago the badass chamelon
Color Eyes:blue
Location right now:Melbourne
Love Interest:Smexy people
Your Skills and Talents:i can change into anything eg animals objects other people and use there basic abilties

Jr. Trainer

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Re: The Collision

Post by legolosarrow on Sun 03 Oct 2010, 2:17 pm

eyes:always flashing differnt colors
location:I randomly teleport
love interest:i can not love or else I am smited
skills and talents:to many to list (somtimes i lose control of them all)

Animal I have Become-

Private Idaho-

Time of Dying(Known to cure thoughts of Suicide and the emotion of sadness!)-

I Will Not Bow-

Blow Me Away-

End of All Hope-

You're Going Down(One curse word[The song makes you want to pick flowers with your gramdmother])-

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Re: The Collision

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